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Avp2:Warzone v1.1 BETA The avp2--Warzone Mod is not officially supported by Monolith Productions, Inc. or Fox Interactive.

This mod is specifically designed to work with AVP2 version Using other modifications or on older versions of AVP2 may lead to unpredictable results.

I do not take any responsibility for any damages that may be caused by this modification. use this mod at your own risk!

Creater--Red version--1.1 BETA time to create--1 month date created--January 23 2009 uncompressed size of mod--16.8 MB

changes in the game: note that the info below may not list every changed thing in the mod & or it may be out of date. Humans: Hud--removed the flare icon & redun the health/armor icon.

Marines gave the marines 7 new skins. added 4 new characters hudson,hicks,drake,& vasquez. Corp gave the corps 5 new skins added 4 new characters synthetic,twichy,wy-apesuit,& toxic. Predators: Hud--all preds now have a red health/energy bar just like avp2:ph.

removed the energy/health icon.

changed the airsupplytime from 180 to 200

decreased damage that the pred pistol can inflict.

gave the preds 5 new skins added 4 new characters the warrior,cityhunter,honor guard,& ancient predator. Aliens: gave the predalien the green health bar from avp2:ph.

the chestburster now has 75 hit points insted of 50

changed HitBoxScale from 2.0 to 1.2

the runner has 3 new taunts. the drone,warrior,guardian,& wy2000 has 3 new taunts. the praetorian has 3 new taunts. the predalien has 5 new taunts.

gave the aliens 7 new skins added 4 new Characters warrior,battle queen,guardian,& wy2000 . Weapons FlameThrower--gave the flamethrower a new flame texture & gave it a new muzzle flash effect.

added 4 new weapons Dual pistols,energy flechette, bigblade,& a new knife.

gave the marine pistol,& flamethrower new skins.

gave the corps a new knife so now the marines/corps have there own knife.

Medicomp--no longer uses energy but it still decloaks you. Sounds almost all the marines/corps/aliens have new taunts except for the preds.

options/multiplayer/profile/credits menus have a differnt menu music. All Menus: changed it to where the help words do not show up. changed basicaly all the menus.

MP Loading screen: took off the glowing effect & the gray circle from the word loading did this to speed up loading on mp for slower cp's.

Splash Screen: changed it to the one i made for my mod. Known Bug's

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Download 'warzone_v1.1_beta.zip' (10.14MB)

Programs used while makeing this mod:





PE Resource Explorer

MAX's HTML Beauty++ 2004
Avp2:Warzone v1.1 update log:
v1.1 update info:
1.updated some of the text files.
2.fixed the 1st person view skin for the wy2000 alien.
3.removed the skin for the corp knife & replaced it with one i made.
4.removed some skins that avp2sounds has been pirateing from other
5.redun the sp main menu alien skin.
6.changed it so that the wy2000 alien for mp cant catch on fire.
7.changed it so that the corp synthetic for mp cant catch on fire.
8.redun the armor icon for the marine/corps.
9.removed 1 file that wasnt being used at all.
v1.0 update info:
1.removed 4 files that didnt work.
2.updated some of the text files that came with the compressed file.
3.cleaned up the menus a little bit.
4.removed the skins for the marine/pred in the sp menu,& gave the
alien a new one.
5.fixed the problem in sp with the skins not showing up.
6.fixed the problem with the 1st person view arms skin for drake.
7.added some more taunts for some of the aliens,& female marine/corp.
8.replaced kingkennys avp movie electrovision skin,with one i made.
9.gave the corps a new knife.
10.added 2 new crosshairs for some of the aliens 1 for the tail whip,
& 1 for the headbite.
11.added some extra icons to use with the avp2:warzone shortcut.
12.increased the damage of the predator bigblade weapon by 10.
13.redun the pred skins for the pred heatvision mode.

note that most of the skins/sounds used in my mod where asked with
permission befor useing & all credit go's to the creators of the
skins & not me unless its one that i made or helped with.
Character skins & models Thanks to:
for the gonewrong alien skin,& the badass pred skin.

for the alien3 runner skin.

for the skins that where used in my mod.

Strifen Glyphs
for the pale_metal_pred_skin.

for the drone skin Enemy Nr.1.

for the rykov skin blood rage.

for the predator skin pred2mov.

gh0sT d0wN
for the light pred skin tkp.

for the assault pred skin berserker.

for fixing a bug with one of the weapons.
Weapon skins & models thanks to:
for the flamethrower flame skin.

for the biglongblade weapon model & skin.
Sounds thanks to:
for the avprspv1 sound pack
contact info or site of the creators for some of the skins,models.
& etc.

website url www.geocities.com/redsmods2
email comments about my mods,skins,& etc. to [email protected] com

website url?

website url www.nakedkiller.da.ru

website url www.avpunknown.com

website url http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/aliencity

gh0sT d0wN
website url http://gh0std0wn.com

website url http://www.freewebs.com/r1ohseven



some names,contact info,or sites my be out of date or wrong.
for the avp movie electrovision skin.
website url http://kingskins.avp2mods.com/

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