Windebieste Skirmish Pack

This Map Pack comes with 11 Single Player Marine Skirmish maps for Aliens vs Predator 2.

Each map contains an endless suppl...


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This Map Pack comes with 11 Single Player Marine Skirmish maps for Aliens vs Predator 2.

Each map contains an endless supply of ravenous Aliens whose sole purpose is to indiscriminately hunt down and kill the Player. It is up to the Player to defend themself for as long as possible from the onslaught with the available Weapons, Ammo, Health and Armour that can be found in each map.

All of these maps (Excluding Cabin Fever and Primaeval) have had prior release in some previous form. However, all of these previously released maps have had varying degrees of enhancements, modifications and improvements made to them for release in this Map Pack. Some changes are obvious and will be immediately noticeable. Others are subtle technical enhancements and will not be obvious. As such, all maps possess improvements over the original releases that will affect gameplay and/or performance.

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Windebieste Skirmish Pack (WiSPa)  - Version 1.0

General Information:
Title                   : Windebieste Skirmish Pack (WiSPa)
Version                 : 1.0
Release Date            : February 2004
Type			: Single Player: Marine Skirmish
Author               	: Phil 'Windebieste' Wlodarczyk
Email Address           : windebieste AT planetavp DOT com

Game                    : Aliens vs. Predator 2
Single Player           : Yes, Marine.
Difficulty Settings     : No.
Multiplayer		: No.
New Sounds              : Yes. Not in all maps, though.
New Textures            : This Map Pack features approx. 160 new textures.  
Included Files		: WiSPa_v1-0.txt - This readme file.
			  wispa.rez - Game data.
			  WiSPa_Wallpaper.jpg - Funky stuff (1024x768) for your desktop.  Aren't you lucky?

Editor Used             : DEdit.
Construction Time       : 2 years.

Aliens vs Predator 2 should be updated to the latest version:  You can find the Update Patch on any good AvP2 site.

Place the wispa.rez file in your 'c:\Games\AliensVsPredator2' folder.

Start the game; and in the 'Game Launcher's' Main Menu select 'Options'.  

Enter (copy & paste, if you like) into the 'Command-Line' field:

-rez wispa.rez

Check the box marked "Always specify these command-line parameters" if you desire to always load the Map Pack.

Return to the 'Game Launcher's' Main Menu and select: 'Play'.  

Aliens vs Predator 2 will start loading with 11 new Single Player Skirmish maps available and ready for you to play.  

Then select: 'Single Player' ->  'Custom Levels' ->  'Worlds\Custom\SKM_(Skirmish Map of Your Choice)'.

Revision History:

Version 1.0:
* First playable Version 1.0,  Released February, 2004.

Known Bugs:

Cabin Fever:  Aliens will close hinged doors and then attempt to walk through them.  Still trying to fix this.

Combat Pit:  Sometimes you can get the Minigun; and sometimes you can't.  This is NOT a bug.

Please report any other undocumented bugs to: windebieste AT planetavp DOT com

Map Notes:

1).  A Loner's Fate
This planetary colonial base is totally encrusted in xenomorph resin and is now irrecoverably infested by Aliens.
Base:  'A Lesser Fate' Multiplayer map by Monolith.  

2).  Backstreets
A light industrial inner urban environment in dire need of new regulations regarding rigid pest control measures.
Base: Original Multiplayer/Skirmish Map by Windebieste.

3).  Cabin Fever
Many of these old isolated Gold Rush miner's cottages have since been bought up, modernised and used as holiday retreats.
Base: Original, previously unreleased map by Windebieste.

4).  Combat Pit
A favourite Yautja sport is to cast their victims into an arena facing ravenous Xenomorphs in a savage fight to the death.
Base: Single Player Predator map, 'Gladiator' by Windebieste.

5).  Precipice
Sparse vegetation and crumbling temple ruins atop of a solid block of granite floating serenely in a burnt sienna sky.
Base: Original Skirmish map by Windebieste.

6).  Primaeval
A routine fly-over has turned to disaster as an unexpected electrical storm has downed your dropship into a nefarious swamp. 
Base: Original, previously unreleased map by Windebieste.

7).  Ruinous
A series of ancient pillars and ramps almost provides an opportunity to escape the impending storm.
Base: Original Multiplayer/Skirmish map by Windebieste.

8).  Shafts
Loosely inspired by H. R. Giger, this version is retextured to give the appearance of one of his New York City landscapes.
Base: Original Multiplayer map by Sum_Dum_Phuc (AKA Windebieste).

9).  Stranded Redux
The EEV has crash-landed on a hostile world but luckily a nearby abandoned research facility offers sanctuary and supplies.
Base:  Alien vs Pedator map, 'Stranded', conversion by Scythewraith.

10).  Tar Baby
The Weyland Yutani Bioweapons Division have terminated their use for this Xenomorph hive which requires prompt sterilisation.
Base: Original Multiplayer/Skirmish map by Windebieste.

11). Xenocortex
Corroded away by advanced bug infestation, this abandoned subterranean base is now beyond recovery.
Base: Multiplayer map, 'Xenocortex' by Sum_Dum_Phuc (AKA Psykore and Windebieste).


When first loading a Skirmish map, use your 'Quick Save' key.  Then, after being killed, use your 'Quick Load' key to easily restart the current map with a single key press; without having to use the 'Load Map' Menus.

Some maps have 'Objectives' implemented in them.  In order to acquire some of the more powerful weapons, these Objectives need to be met.  A typical Objective will be to open a locked door to a location that hides a powerful weapon, EG Exosuit. You will need to locate the Hacking Tool first in order to unlock the door...

Not all maps contain the same Aliens.

Some maps have weapons that are 'booby-trapped' and will spawn Facehuggers if picked up.  I'll leave that up to you to figure out which ones.

It is recommended that these maps be played at night, with the lights off.

My Thanks Goes to These People:  

Groden for his assistance in sourcing out the custom textures; and playtesting.
Chris Beaver for additional textures, specifically graffiti and markings on walls.
All the staff at for supporting the inclusion of their names in Backstreets.
Cody, Modmaker and Red_Riot for passing on their valuable understanding of how to use DEdit.
Scythwraithe, for the original Stranded.ed (Stranded Redux) file.
Psykore, for the original Underhalls.ed (Xenocortex) file.
Monolith Productions for including the LesserFate.ed (A Loners Fate) file in the relase of the editor, DEdit.

Thanx, to my wife, the Evil Devilfish.  

Thanx, to David Shipley of; and Meercat of  Tbe BEST AvP2 sites on the 'net.

Thanx, Monolith for creating Aliens vs. Predator 2; and then giving us the tools so that we could make it even better!  ;)

Thanx, everybody who has downloaded my maps in the past.  May you all enjoy this release.

Copyright / Permissions
WiSPa is copyright, Windebieste. February, 2004.

Other Authors may NOT use the included wispa.rez file or its contents as a base to build additional levels and may not be modified in any way.  You are NOT permitted to commercially exploit this Windebieste Skirmish Pack, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold without my written permission.

You MAY distribute this Map Pack and associated readme file included through an electronic network as long as the file contents remain complete and unchanged.  

This Text file MUST accompany the Map Pack's distribution in its entirety.

Please.  Do let me know what you think of this Map Pack.  =)




Monolith Productions sure made a mistake in not including a Skirmish Mode in Aliens vs Predator 2.  There's no way that they are gonna get away with telling me "It can't be done."  That's simply bullshit.  They will NOT be forgiven for its lack of implementation.  This Map Pack took 2 years for me to complete just to compensate for their ommission.  Monolith could've easily added Skirmish funcionality to their own DM maps (See 'A Loner's Fate' in this Map Pack.) and released 'em to a hungry and very welcoming fan base, but they didn't.  



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