Human Survival movie has a new name.

The human survival movie name has changed to survival instincts and is said to be released early july time. Apparently some promotional post...

0 18 years ago
Human Survival ! HUGE DELAY on movie release

[quote]Quest who is head of the Human survival fan movie project would like to apologise due to the delay of the release of them movie. This...

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New Fanart at PlanetAvP

PlanetAvP has six new pieces of fanart in their art section. These new pieces look very cool and are definately worth to check out. Check th...

0 19 years ago

[b]gh0sT d0wN[/b]'s website features a new wallpaper based on a screenshot he had taken from the game. This time, it showcases an [i]Alien.[...

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Bruce, Project Ex and Aka Nexus

These are the names of the first three wallpapers freshly released by [b]gh0sT d0wN[/b]; each of them shows off one the numerous, detailed s...

0 19 years ago
AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

I think that [b]AcidGlow[/b] has updated the video section of his website lately. A few clips from the AvP movie DVD (the deleted scenes spe...

0 19 years ago
The Predator Rules!

This is the title of a short movie which [url="http://fire-redhead.deviantart.com"]Fire-Redhead[/url] recently composed. He made it just for...

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Predator 2 Now Available on DVD

Predator 2 is now available on DVD for the first time! Pick up your copy and show support for our favorite game. Strong sales could push 21s...

0 21 years ago
Alien and Predator Movie Props

Here's a great site featuring items from both films icluding masks,modeled ships and full sized models of Aliens. http://www.sykotiks.com/ ...

0 21 years ago
Predator 2 on DVD

Predator fans rejoice,Predator 2 starring Danny Glover is set for DVD release on February 4th. Personally I think this was a very underated ...

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