Alien 5?

According to The Movie Insider Alien 5 is rumored to be released somewhere in 2007. The movie is not official as of yet, but it will most li...

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Alien vs Predator Chess Set

Relive the battle between the Colonial Marines and the aliens... SOTA Toys presents a follow-up to their Alien vs Predator Chess Set rele...

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Top 10 US Best Selling PC Games

Expect to see those kind of news in the future as I like reading those stats, even though I don't own any of the following games (exception:...

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Petition to KO AvP2 Hackers

[url="http://www.epgservers.com"]EPGServers.com[/url] which provides game server hosting solutions for a number of popular FPS including AvP...

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Which Aliens Colonial Marine Are You?

This is the question [b]YouThink.com[/b] asks you to answer through a nine-question quizz. Not very serious, but quite funny :) According to...

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Alien Loves Predator Contest Winner

There was four finalists [url="http://aliensvspredator2.filefront.com/file.news?ID=14588"]four days ago[/url] and today there is only one wi...

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Alien Loves Predator Contest Finalists

[b]Bernie[/b] had opened a simple contest at the beginning of the month about one of his unreleased drawings: [quote]One of the first epi...

0 19 years ago
AcidGlow Resigns From AvP2 Community

I had posted a few of his files lately notably [url="http://aliensvspredator2.filefront.com/file.info?ID=33263"]AvP2 Gold25 Mod[/url], [url=...

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AVP Film Movie Clip

Yahoo Movies has posted up a new short movie of a fight between a Predator and an Alien. This is a short clip of the new movie that will be ...

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Artists wanted for a AvP2 engine game

[quote]Freeform Intereactive LLC is looking for highly talented 2D/3D freelancer artists/mappers for their latest project, called Purge! ...

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Predator-Strike Flash Animation

As I was "surfing" :) I came across this cool Flash animation called Predator-Strike, obviously a parody to Counter-Strike. I took the time ...

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