Aliens vs. Predator (2010)

Rebellion returns with a sequel to the 1999 classic. Explore our collection of maps, modifications, skins and tools!

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Media AvP 2010 Predator sound pack

audio bored me. Predator is my favourite race, so I decided to change some his sounds.On the you can find tutorial how to make...


Skins AvP 2010 - Digital Scoped Rifle

little bit too dark now, but I'm still learning how the new textures work. Oh and the modding tutorial can be found here:[url=http://www.avp...


Skins Lucifer Drone

Satan's Wrath at your disposal.


Skins Gray Predator

BEFORE COMMENTING, IMPORTANTThis is an Aliens vs Predator skin.It will give NPC Predators a gray mask and armor.It also affects Predator HUD...


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Skins Movie Marine Pack

BEFORE COMMENTING, IMPORTANTThis is an Aliens vs Predator skin. If you like ALIENS, install this! This will make the marines to resemble the...


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Skins Predator 2 Skin (City Hunter)

BEFORE COMMENTING, IMPORTANTThis is a skin dedicated for Predator 2 fans. This skin will give both the Predator NPC and HUD with a Predator...


Skins Civilians w. Marine uniform

This gives Civilian characters Marine uniform and armor. But remember, this was just a skin. It does not affect such friggin' thing you know...


Skins Pretty Murder Machine

glows under some florescent lighting. Also replaces the Tongue texture for the Alien HUD to match. Check out the screenshots in the Zip fil...


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Tools And Utilities AvP Gold Complete Source Code

This is the COMPLETE source code to Aliens versus Predator Gold. The previous AvP Gold source code is not complete like this one.


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Skins Star Trek Motion Detector

A unique Motion Tracker skin based on the TV series Star Trek.


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Skins Futurama Motion Detector

A unique Motion Tracker skin based on the TV series, Futurama.


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Skins The Simpsons Motion Detector

A unique Motion Tracker skin based on the TV series, The Simpsons.


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Skins AVP Movie Preds Skin Pack

I have just finished my own AVP movie preds pack, which contains Scar, Celtic, Gill and the Elder.


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Tools And Utilities Predator Menu

This is a new background for the predator Menu. This also has new sounds.


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Skins Cyber Queen Skin

A skin for Alien vs. Predator. Silver queen with "blood-red" on the body. So what I did was skin the entire queen silver and added blood-red...


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Skins Xenoborg Alien

This new skin converts the normal alien enemy into the xenoborg.


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Media AvP Minigun Sound Replacement

This is a replacement .wav file for the original minigun sound. This gives the minigun a proper roar, unlike the original sound.


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Media Father Sound Patch

This patch substitutes the original female computer voice from the "Derelict" Marine Level with some phrases from "Father", the main compute...


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Media Five-Seven Pistol Sound

New sounds for the marine pistol(s)!


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Media Full Metal Jacket Marine Taunts

A new pack of taunts for the marine.