Aliens vs. Predator (2010)

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Media Complete Guide

Another downloadable guide, but from a non-PlanetAvP source.


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Media AvP Desktop Theme

For all you AvP fanatics out there, here is a Win95/98 desktop theme for you. You will need to use a themes program to apply this, e.g. MS P...


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Media AVP Faceoff

Alien face to face with a Predator with no mask on.


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Media AvP Hunter's Mountain Fan Movie

An early preview from AdamJZ and his friends who are making an AvP fan movie.


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Media AvP Minigun Sound Replacement

This is a replacement .wav file for the original minigun sound. This gives the minigun a proper roar, unlike the original sound.


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Media Father Sound Patch

This patch substitutes the original female computer voice from the "Derelict" Marine Level with some phrases from "Father", the main compute...


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Media Five-Seven Pistol Sound

New sounds for the marine pistol(s)!


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Media Full Metal Jacket Marine Taunts

A new pack of taunts for the marine.


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Media New Pistol Sound v1.0

New sound for the AvP GE pistol. Installation info is included with the file. P.S: Only works for AvP gold edition.


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Media Terminator Marine Sound Pack

This patch was made to make the Colonial Marine to sound like Arnold in the Terminator films and to look lke the Terminator endoskeleton.


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Media Terminator Marine Taunts

New Terminator taunts for the Colonial Marine in AvP!


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Media Hellraiser Predator Sounds

Heres a couple of taunts i made both of em are pred taunts, 2 sets of em both are hellraiser ones which i think sound very cool when killing...


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Media New Predator Sounds

New sounds for the predator in Aliens Versus Predator.


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Media Predator Growl Ringtone [MP3]

This is the Growl from the film Predator its pritty epic and it has been my ring tonesince i made it in the 2010 summer holidays! Download f...


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Media AvP 2010 Predator sound pack

audio bored me. Predator is my favourite race, so I decided to change some his sounds.On the you can find tutorial how to make...