Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire v2.0 Patch - German

This is the latest official patch for Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire.


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This is the latest official patch for Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire.

First update Alpha Centauri to v4.0, then Alien Crossfire to v2.0, then Alpha Centauri to v5.0.

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· You can now airdrop units into your own bases.
· The correct voiceovers for Alien Crossfire base facilities now play the
first time you build them.
· Pirates can no longer capture units that are defending a base.
· Alien probe teams now use the correct art.
· The Cyborg faction now correctly has the Technology Steal ability.
· It is now possible to rescue a captured faction leader.
· Base facilities no longer cost less than they should at Thinker and
Transcend difficulty levels.
· In some instances a Golden Age would not produce a population boom. It now
· AXStart.exe will now switch to a resolution it supports.
· The Sid and Brian factions can now be loaded in the Faction Editor.
· Occasionally refugees from a captured base would appear at coordinates
0,0. This is fixed.
· The Maritime Control Center now grants a defensive bonus against naval
units for player controlled factions.
· Psi Artillery combat strength is now calculated correctly.
· Some special abilities were not reflected correctly in automatically
designed units.
· The Right-click menu's version of airdrop now correctly uses movement
· You can no longer have a pact brother support one of your factions units.
· The 'Aliens capture your base' interlude now correctly displays, even if
the base captured was obliterated.
· All satellites can now be added to the build queue, even if currently in
· Miscellaneous text fixes.
· Base population no longer 'rolls over' when it reaches 127.
· Native artillery units no longer get a 'hasty' penalty when attacking.
· Drone revolts no longer can select aliens as new masters.
· The Faction Editor now correctly updates bonuses on the Faction page.
· The Faction Editor now correctly loads free units and free abilities.
· The Faction Editor now correctly saves bonus technologies.
· The Drone faction now correctly includes the Base Revolt ability of 75%
· During a random game, if an Alien faction is selected, and there is
another random slot, there will be two Alien factions in the game.


Undocumented Additions:

*Sea Borders: coastal bases now extend borders into the sea for all squares
adjacent to the base. Nearby water bases do not affect these borders.
*Detonating a fungal missile may now trigger native life forms from dormant
spores. The higher the reactor level, the greater the number of spores.
*Fungal Towers receive a 50% bonus when attacked, due to their ability to
co-ordinate and direct native life forms in the vicinity.
*A Progenitor faction controlling the Manifold Nexus receives +1 Research in
addition to +1 Planet.
*The Manifold Usurpers have a -1 Planet due to their intent to subvert the
Transcendence process.
*The Cybernetic Consciousness may steal technology when capturing a base,
regardless of the rules preference set at the beginning.
*The Data Angels now get any technology discovered by three other factions
with whom they have an infiltrator.
*Any units adjacent to a mind controlled base fall under the control of the
probe teams faction.
*The Dissociative Wave now works on offense.
*The manual states that an alien may be in a submission pact and not affect
a diplomatic victory; this is not true. For a human faction to win a
diplomatic victory, both alien factions must be completely eliminated from
the game, regardless of their Pact status.

NOTE: Alien Crossfire now contains all the additions/enhancements and fixes
to Alpha Centauri 1.0 that were contained in the downloadable updates, V2.0
through 4.0.


· Check out the new landmark: the Manifold Nexus, a ruined remnant of an
extensive alien complex with a mysterious relationship to the Planet itself.
The faction possessing the Nexus inside its territory enjoys an improved
relationship with Planet (+1 on the Social Engineering scale).
· You can now see AI player's social engineering settings.
· Wheelmouse support implemented for most listboxes and when picking
production choices.

· Singularity reactors now have 40 HP, so they are balanced in psi combat.
· The AI no longer can use missiles beyond their designated range.
· You can no longer use long-range fire via right-click when out of range of
the target.
· Automated formers no longer build bunkers prior to having the required
· The Self-Aware Colony now correctly halves maintenance.
· The Space Elevator now correctly doubles mineral production when building
· Units should no longer switch their home bases automatically.
· The game no longer locks up when all players choose factions in a MP
scenario that aren't present and END OF TURN is selected.
· Airdropped transports no longer leave cargo behind.
· You can no longer switch the AI's governor settings from the F4 screen.
· If you zoom to a base from the F4 Base Operations screen, when you return
to the F4 screen you can now use the PgUp and PgDn hotkeys to scroll the
· Loading a map in the scenario editor after generating one now updates the

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