America's Army PHP-Nuke Theme

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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XXXSTALKERXXX has released a nice theme based on America's Army from [url="http://www.nuke4gamers.com/"]Nuke4Gamers[/url]. This theme has a nice color combination that matches the game. It also has alot of images that are found in the game. Theme Has: Matching Forums, Custom Logos, Custom Model images, Flash Menu & Flash Forums Menu, Source Files For Editing the Logo. [url="http://demo.nuke4gamers.com/index.php?t=12"]You can view a demo here.[/url] Unfortunately, this comes at a price ($25 dollars to be price). If you, or your clan, may be interested, visit: http://www.nuke4gamers.com/modules.php?name=SimpleCart&op=services for purchase information.

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