Assualt Walkthrough For Insurgent Camp

By Draco 20 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Assualt Tips: 1)Grenade Back of North Hills on Left Side of Building Usually Opfor Thinks they will get lucky. 2)After you Nade the Hill Take the Sniper out and Anyone in Windows Those will be your Biggest Threat When You go Around back of the Building. 3)Before you Go in Garage Use a Flash Greande (Defult is 4)so Opfor Cants See at all then go in and Secure the Garage and Proceed to South Stairs. 4)When Proceeding to South Stairs Make Sure you Take out Any People at the Stairs so you Dont end up in a Nasty FireFight. 5)when Are in the Second Floor Secure the Inside Part That Is Imparative!!And Close all doors you Dont want Opfor to Sneak up on you and make Sure you Secure Damaged Roof.Then Proceed to Roof Computer. 6)When on Roof toss and Hand Grenade in the Room Opfor will Camp there the Proceed Down the Stairs and Make Sure the Room is Clear then go Back to PC and Secure the Data.

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