Clan Tools 2.0 Released

By Delta 20 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Links to the Download can also be found http://aa.filefront.com/file.info?ID=26944 WIn XP/2000 http://aa.filefront.com/file.info?ID=26945 Win 9.x/ME [quote] Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce the official release of Clan Tools, version 2. A new release of Clan Tools, versioned as 2.0, is available from our server at http://www.vware.at. Clan Tools is a package of programs designed to help online gamers in various tasks. They are completely free of charge, and may be re-distributed as complete package on any media. Please refer to the License information to get further information on redistribution. With Clan Manager completely and large chunks of code in all other tools redesigned, this new version marks the starting point of a new series, almost 4 years after the initial release. Also, the "grandfather" of Clan Tools, PUTimer, is back in the collection with DirectX 8 support and new features. Some main changes in this release: * Completely rewritten Clan Manager / Clan Admin tools * FarCry support and improved features in IRCScore * New scheduler in NTPAlarm for better trigger control * Timer component re-integrated into the package * Better accurracy, speed, reliability and usability in SFind * New information DLL in V-Script * Lots of bugs squished, better WinXP compatibility With almost 200 entries in the changelogs, Clan Tools 2 incorporates more changes than any previous version. A detailed list of changes can be found at http://www.vware.at in the release news post. [/quote]

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