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[quote](20:16:04) (@[Dev]AceKilla) release is imminent :) (20:16:05) (Vision`) he's just going to tease us and that say cya guys (20:16:15) (MuDDoG) its the acekilla! (20:16:21) (MuDDoG) everyone,shhhhh (20:16:21) Vision` undo's his last words (20:16:25) (@[Dev]AceKilla) as in this week (20:16:26) (^USA^-_PaladinChief_) thanks for getting it going again... (20:16:29) (MuDDoG) stop the rumors about 2.5 release date =) (20:16:30) (%GhostfromTexas) whoa (20:16:31) (%FoxHunter) yay! (20:16:34) (MuDDoG) WOAH (20:16:36) (%GhostfromTexas) you serious Ace?[/quote] [quote](20:19:30) (@[Dev]AceKilla) not tomorrow (20:19:34) (@Top|afk) omg ace said PATCH (20:19:35) (@[Dev]AceKilla) likely not wednesday (20:19:37) (MuDDoG) ouch,not tomorrow? (20:19:42) (@[Dev]AceKilla) that is all I will say ;) (20:20:02) (@[Dev]AceKilla) I said 'this week' - not today (20:21:15) (@[Dev]AceKilla) distribution partners need to get the builds (20:22:03) (@[Dev]AceKilla) Windows will be this week, Mac and Linux will be out shortly after[/quote] [quote] (@[Dev]AceKilla) here are some v2.5 tips: (20:24:19) (@[Dev]AceKilla) single fire mode = the win (20:25:01) (@[Dev]AceKilla) The M68 Aimpoint = the win in CQB (20:25:11) (@[Dev]AceKilla) most underrated weapon mod EVAR (20:26:03) (@[Dev]AceKilla) SF Dockside will only hold 18 players - so server admins set the max players to 18 when running SF Dockside (20:26:2Cool (@[Dev]AceKilla) Yes Ghost, LOTS of bug fixes in v2.5 (20:27:11) (MuDDoG) ace,i kick major butt with the acog,will this change with 2.5? (20:27:19) (@[Dev]AceKilla) no (20:27:36) (MuDDoG) do you use acog ace? (20:27:42) (MuDDoG) or aimpoint? (20:28:00) (@[Dev]AceKilla) I use both, but in v2.5 I find myself using the Aimpoint a lot more (20:28:19) (@[Dev]AceKilla) I think you guys will love the changes to the 2D iron sights (20:28:23) (therapy) hey, ace how have the 2d sights changed? (20:28:43) (@[Dev]AceKilla) yes, M16, M249, AK (20:28:46) (@[Dev]AceKilla) RPK (20:29:22) (@[Dev]AceKilla) they've been altered to more realistically portray the tunnel vision effect when aimed (20:32:00) (@[Dev]AceKilla) The gameplay/accuracy changes: basically over the course of v2.4 and v2.5 - we've put the accuracy BACK into the hands and skills of the player (20:32:06) (@[Dev]AceKilla) not some random fire cone (20:32:44) (@[Dev]AceKilla) we've added some realistic factors like left and right hand tremor and recoil tweaks - but fixed the hitboxes and accuracy (20:33:07) (@[Dev]AceKilla) if you are aiming as you should in the army (i.e. sighted in and using single shot) - you will be the most accurate[/quote] [quote][1VB]Hanzerik Highlander1> Asks: what are the load out changes on bridge [Dev]AceKilla Bridge loadouts are just the M203 nade allotments - every M203 on bridge gets 4 M203 nades - on assault and defense - number of grenadiers on each team is the same [Dev]AceKilla I think assault gets 2 grenadier spots and defense gets one FoxHunter (Shootman) Are the spawn points in PCR gonna be adjusted since they are very close to each other? GhostfromTexas will there ever be proper SF grenadiers, instead of every SF guy shooting them? [Dev]AceKilla spawn points in PCR are the same as v2.4 as far as I know [Dev]AceKilla yes, there will be more specialized roles in future versions of AA ;) FoxHunter (BiOMilk) are there going to be 7 nades in 203 again @ bridge crossing? [Dev]AceKilla no, all Bridge M203's come with 4 nades [Dev]AceKilla on both Assault and Defense GhostfromTexas Here is my question: Has a message style been added to game for players kicked from servers from pb, admins, etc., So that it gives them a reason for the kick instead of looking around in their .ini files? Such as a message displayed on screen after kick [Dev]AceKilla it should be fair now [Dev]AceKilla There were some message additions and enhancements GhostfromTexas (MightyMouse) is the grenade bug on SF Courtyard going to be fixed in the new version? [Dev]AceKilla not sure right now if the PB kick was one of them - but will check GhostfromTexas (deathgiver) when will the medics be able to heal themselves? [Dev]AceKilla many map bugs fixed, would have to be more specific [Dev]AceKilla we've discussed medics healing themselves - if it happened, likely would only be able to do it once - could be in v2.6 FoxHunter (v25rjb) have there been any problems that have caused a delay in the realease of 2.5 that the devs have sorted and was there any plans to realease the patch earlier?? [1VB]Hanzerik <^USA^-_PaladinChief_> Is there a plan to reset honor in some way? In this patch or in the near future? Q: Will the AA editor be released soon so the community can help making maps and send them in for review. Very Happy [Dev]AceKilla delays?! NEVER!!! Razz No, we had to make a few slight adjustments do to issues found in testing, but we are hitting our targeted release window of v2.5 [Dev]AceKilla no plans to reset honor GhostfromTexas [Dev]AceKilla: after you are done answering, say "next" and i will know to post :0 [Dev]AceKilla AA editor is in talks, likely a future feature - but no guarantees as this point. GhostfromTexas ([11W]Laughingtear) whats being done about combating hackers ruining the game? [Dev]AceKilla most likely the editor would go out as we finish up the v2.X game and move on to developing AA 3.0 GhostfromTexas messed up no waiting for the next :) [Dev]AceKilla anti-cheating measures are always being addressed, in real-time by PunkBuster, and by us during each dev cycle SG_Spiker is it true the [Dev]Pye looks silly in a Kilt? FoxHunter lol Top|afk no he looks fine scraper pine apple scraper no space! moeli lol Top|afk lol yay i have a friend here GhostfromTexas ready ace? [Dev]AceKilla Yes that is true Spiker Razz SG_Spiker have you guys started developing for the Unreal 3 engine and if so will you show some screens of works in progress? Top|afk i have one to when your done ace GhostfromTexas spiker.. [Dev]AceKilla We have started UE3 design and pre-production - but we still have a lot of AA goodness to get out on this version first. ;) GhostfromTexas (Snuffy) Ace, what is your favorite part of the new patch? Top|afk good one Top|afk i know killing pye [Dev]AceKilla Personally, the 2D iron sights, the fixes/enhancements, and the 2 new maps GhostfromTexas (Silver) q: Any change's in the pistol. being able to drop it and ect? [Dev]AceKilla no pistol changes GhostfromTexas (snBcr|Pepe) 2 questions: Most of the new maps r using random spawn points/random objectives. Are u guys abandoning the old/normal map desing? [Dev]AceKilla yes, the 2 new maps use random spawns and objectives, but in different ways. We never will abandon the old mission objective/spawn styles - each mission is designed on it's own (some will use the new features, some will not) GhostfromTexas why cant we have m4/203 on maps like weapons cache instead of m16/203 [Dev]AceKilla we just happen to be making missions with these features, because their new to AA and we like some of the gameplay options that come with them GhostfromTexas why cant we have m4/203 on maps like weapons cache instead of m16/203 [Dev]AceKilla we just happen to be making missions with these features, because their new to AA and we like some of the gameplay options that come with them DarkCntry Ace, do me a favor and say the patch isn't coming today FoxHunter This week DC ;-) FoxHunter Not today [Dev]AceKilla good question trix - it has something to do with our current system and loadouts based on tour - but we can look at doing this in the future certainly. DarkCntry You're not Ace Razz [Dev]AceKilla no patch today DarkCntry Thank you [Dev]AceKilla Razz GhostfromTexas next one ace? [Dev]AceKilla in SF Extraction, the inventory objective is not random - but the spawns and extraction points are [Dev]AceKilla In Dockside, one objective is not random, the other is - and the spawns are random, but they only swap places (2 team spawns total) [Dev]AceKilla sure Ghost GhostfromTexas just tell me next whne you are ready :) GhostfromTexas (snBcr|Pepe) 2 questions: Most of the new maps r using random spawn points/random objectives. Are u guys abandoning the old/normal map desing? GhostfromTexas whups SG_Spiker lol GhostfromTexas ([FFK-18]Sankari) Will it be possible to get more than 100 honor in incoming patches ? [Dev]AceKilla that's original Razz [Dev]AceKilla anything is possible ;) but we're not currently discussing raising the total honor system cap GhostfromTexas **note** if you have asked questions, wait a bit.. got a lot to go through :) your questions are coming [Dev]AceKilla more likely, you may see other persistent stat categories in addition to honor GhostfromTexas <^USA^-_PaladinChief_> Can the long time players count on AA staying in PC and not going to my Kids Xbox? Dont really want to give up my time to playing with my kids.. [Dev]AceKilla FYI - this is just an informal interview about v2.5 - much more discussed during this interview this weekend on TSN: [Dev]AceKilla EVENT DETAILS [Dev]AceKilla [Dev]AceKilla [Dev]AceKilla [Dev]AceKilla "The Bridger and Harlock Show" [Dev]AceKilla [Dev]AceKilla [Dev]AceKilla Date: Saturday, October 15, 2005 [Dev]AceKilla Time: 9:00PM - 11:00PM EST [Dev]AceKilla [Dev]AceKilla Our Segment will be the "9:30 spot" : 9:30PM - 11:00PM EST RangeFinder ^^^^ [Dev]AceKilla more info coming GhostfromTexas nice RangeFinder yes will be very cool [1VB]Hanzerik Spammer Top|afk spam [Dev]AceKilla AA will always be on the PC as far as I know - just expanding to other platforms in addition to the PC [Dev]AceKilla <-- hardcore PC gamer :) GhostfromTexas [14:13:28] (Silver) How is the Extraction setup? How many nade's, smokes, flashs, any rpg's? how man sf and non sf?? [Dev]AceKilla 1 frag, 1 smoke, 2 flash I believe - 1 M203 round for M4 SOPMOD [Dev]AceKilla IF is AK w/ scope RPK and a VSS Vintorez [Dev]AceKilla there is an SPR too for SF [Dev]AceKilla no RPGs [Dev]AceKilla Dockside is all SF [Dev]AceKilla k GhostfromTexas How true is it that DJMonkeyboy and Westquote are engaged to be married to eachother? GhostfromTexas haha [1VB]Hanzerik lol SG_Spiker I also hear Pye is a girl [Dev]AceKilla lol not true [Dev]AceKilla also not true moeli lol GhostfromTexas ({BOH}Aine) Serverside, what changes have been made to improve stability and prevent memory leaks that cause servers to go go crazy (example, on hospital) [Dev]AceKilla several server side code changes, lots of accessed nones cleaned up and extra logging removed GhostfromTexas Do you think you will be able to add some new guns/rifles in future versions or are we stuck with the current weapons? Dev]AceKilla server performance can also be altered by several factors outside of the game, such as bandwidth, server machine specs, number on server instances on same box, etc. [Dev]AceKilla yes, we will continue to add new content with each release - Overmatch will have several new toys. ;) GhostfromTexas (deathgiver) when are u planning to add VOIP into the game? [Dev]AceKilla please see my sticky post in the AA feedback forums about VoIP GhostfromTexas (snBcr|Pepe) 2nd question: Is it true that ppl connected to the army are creating its own anticheat tool? (no connection with evenbalance/pb) [Dev]AceKilla I haven't heard anything about that Pepe GhostfromTexas i want know if there are still plans to implement a stat system and cut tracker out of the loop [Dev]AceKilla lol why do people think our intentions would ever be to "cut tracker out of the loop"?! [Dev]AceKilla yes, we will be developing our own stats system - but it has nothing to do with AAO Tracker GhostfromTexas suspected release? SG_Spiker when it's done Razz GhostfromTexas hahahhaha [Dev]AceKilla soon Razz Jeniva :) GhostfromTexas (AA|Olgerd) to AceKilla: Have you any plans to increase map sizes in future releases? How big they could be? [Dev]AceKilla depends, as big as needed for the right gameplay - vehicles will likely need bigger maps [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas (snuffy) Can we expect more Dev involvment in the community? [Dev]AceKilla I hope so, we love doing it - it's just a time issue. I'm sure at the end of the day - most of you would want us developing the game rather than surfing the forums or chatting in IRC all day. ;) RangeFinder points to this session :) GhostfromTexas ^^ [Dev]AceKilla yes, noted Razz SG_Spiker I thought you just made coffee? [Dev]AceKilla like I said, we love to when time allows for it [Dev]AceKilla been busy here as of late :) [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas (icewolf) Do u know how much Mb the fullversion will have??? [Dev]AceKilla 903 MB GhostfromTexas ouch [Dev]AceKilla patch = 77 MB SG_Spiker on that line, how big is the pat... nm GhostfromTexas ninja'd [1VB]Hanzerik lol GhostfromTexas Can we actually fire a rocket within a range of 20 yards from the pilot in CSAR without losing the round? And can we send nades to middle office in WC without kill guys in primary? [Dev]AceKilla yes, those were fixed [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas Question: will the defence team in SFBlizzard still came outside by jumping over the wall ? [Dev]AceKilla like I said, lots of level fixes - would have to look up the bug report on that - but probably fixed [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas <[SoTF]dolphin> how will the new maps encourage teamwork? Dev]AceKilla well, for one - the CEM changes encourage teamwork by giving a small boost when in proximity to another teammate [Dev]AceKilla The maps are designed to be winnable by working as a team [Dev]AceKilla try going and grabbing the briefcase in the middle intersection bus in SF Extraction by yourself with no cover or backup. ;) Jeniva :) Jeniva doesnt work GhostfromTexas i can do it.. cuz all the beta's are noobs GhostfromTexas :) Jeniva 203's fgt Jeniva err gft* SG_Spiker you can try [Dev]AceKilla Dockside is similar, you will need proper overwatch and cover to successfully take both objectives [Dev]AceKilla especially the roof one ;) Jeniva very true SG_Spiker but it makes for good karma falls RangeFinder lightsabers help tho... SG_Spiker wrong game RangeFinder ooops wrong channel ;) [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas Is it true that gamespy will be removed by 2.6, therefore making AAO Tracker redundant [Dev]AceKilla I have not heard any plans to remove Gamespy Jeniva ty DC [1VB]Hanzerik thx DC [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas (AA|Olgerd) to AceKilla: How deep could be changes in physics after UE3 incorporation? Modifable terrain mesh? [Dev]AceKilla deep ;) [Dev]AceKilla next [1VB]Hanzerik lol Jeniva lol, GhostfromTexas hahah GhostfromTexas (trix) are any old maps going to get deleted in upcoming versions ? RangeFinder votes for river basin y0ur_m0m whats all the hooha? Jeniva shh m0m y0ur_m0m <3 [1VB]Hanzerik no way, RB and FLS are the heat [Dev]AceKilla not deleted per say, but we may remove some older less popular ones in this initial install, but offer them as a downloadable map pack instead. Jeniva nice GhostfromTexas wow haha [Dev]AceKilla not 'this' as in v2.5 - future [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas (snuffy) Can we expect to see more community involvment in the game besides the Beta team? [Dev]AceKilla sure, we're open to ideas. GhostfromTexas hey us techs are community involved!! GhostfromTexas :) moeli lies FoxHunter yeah! ;-) Jeniva <3 moeli xD GhostfromTexas actaully we do it for the bans Jeniva shhh [Dev]AceKilla we expect to have all of you right there with us as we finish this version and move on to AA v3.0 :) RangeFinder FYI the AACMs have started holding a series of focus group meetings.... with community members RangeFinder to get input on various items Jeniva very good information RangeFinder such as tourney features.... RangeFinder website content.... RangeFinder etc GhostfromTexas next? [Dev]AceKilla yep GhostfromTexas (NeoSapien) What truth is there to the rumour we migh have playeradmins in official/leased servers, if not 2.5 maybe in near future? [Dev]AceKilla not likely on Official U.S. Army servers [1VB]Hanzerik Leased? [Dev]AceKilla possibly on leased though, would need to check on that GhostfromTexas next? GhostfromTexas q: you say 2.5 is coming out this week, but will u attempt to release it after thurday's CAL playoff match to avoid problems with their schedule? moeli hands [Dev]AceKilla some coffee [Dev]AceKilla slams down the coffee - thanks y0ur_m0m hands ace a beer As a TWL rep, I can say we have a "release" schedule for those situations [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas will there be a new version of PB with this release, or shortly after ? [Dev]AceKilla PB is updated as needed, they do not follow our release patterns [Dev]AceKilla we do have some new anti-cheat enhancements in v2.5 - but we have worked with PB on these and the latest current version is compatible with them [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas What's the connection between Zombie Studios and Americas Army? RangeFinder good question [Dev]AceKilla They work with us on some government applications - training applications [Dev]AceKilla some of that work may make it into the public game, that's the beauty of this AA platform - it's being used in many ways by the Army and content and features go both ways - from public to government, and from government to public. [Dev]AceKilla each customized to fit that particular application [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas (v25rjb) How long does Ace think Americas Army can last for?? Is it still a viable recruiting tool or has that part of the game passed and now its just considered to be a game? Jeniva very nice [Dev]AceKilla IMO - I don't see AA going anywhere in the foreseeable future. The project as a whole is only getting bigger and more effective for the Army. Liminal ^^yes Liminal It is constantly expanding. [Dev]AceKilla I'd love to be working on AA v8.0 ten years from now. :) Jeniva w00h00 GhostfromTexas V8.0 = Virtural Maps that you can walk through :) Jeniva AA 12.3:kill em all [Dev]AceKilla As you know there is AA: Rise of a Soldier coming soon to Xbox and PS2 GhostfromTexas and feel pain!! :) [Dev]AceKilla we have v3.0 on UE3 GhostfromTexas November 16th right? [Dev]AceKilla many new AA internal training apps being developed all the time [Dev]AceKilla yep RangeFinder [16:03] <[Dev]AceKilla> I'd love to be working on AA v8.0 ten years from now. :) <<< my frag rate will still stink :( GhostfromTexas there is no hope or <3 for RangeFinder [Dev]AceKilla future looks brite for America's Army. Jeniva <3 [1VB]Hanzerik Hehe AA V8.0, and Hanz is still only 55 Honor y0ur_m0m [01:04:43 pm] [Jeniva] <3 - Quoted for Emphasis [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas (AA|Olgerd) to AceKilla: How deep will be modelled drivable vehicles in future releases? Have we any chances to get something close to what we can see in flight simulators? [Dev]AceKilla hehe, I'm going to hold off on discussing any future features like vehicles - just have faith that they will be done in true AA fashion. :) Jeniva Very Happy GhostfromTexas "when it's done" [Dev]AceKilla one release at a time - want to focus on v2.5 RangeFinder excellent! FoxHunter lol [Dev]AceKilla Very Happy [Dev]AceKilla next Jeniva lol, when its done, the famous answer GhostfromTexas (AA|Olgerd) to AceKilla: Are there any possibilities to get some ingame features to improbe teamwork? Such as possibility to see teammates positions at the map or any visual indications who is talking right now on the radio? [Dev]AceKilla yes, we have designs in place for features such as these. Expect to see them 'when it's done' Razz [Dev]AceKilla promoting teamwork is one of our largest design goals [Dev]AceKilla it will only get better in the future AA versions [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas (d_pidcoe|AFK) what will the vehicles be like when they get added, will it be like in BF2 where they have can run all over the map and people can get in and out of them? or more like enemy territory where they follow a set path? [Dev]AceKilla [13:06] [Dev]AceKilla: hehe, I'm going to hold off on discussing any future features like vehicles - just have faith that they will be done in true AA fashion. :) [Dev]AceKilla ;) GhostfromTexas hahah Jeniva O_o GhostfromTexas sorry i have bad filter people >.> :) jk my fault GhostfromTexas How do you think the map balancing will hold out with the changes in the new patch? Do you expect it to be even more defense oriented? [Dev]AceKilla in both of the new maps, extraction & dockside - there is no set defense team - both teams are on assault or defense depending on the circumstances in the mission [Dev]AceKilla we feel they are both balanced maps [Dev]AceKilla think like Urban Assault [Dev]AceKilla or sandstorm [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas (Cantunis) Question : Will there be any WebAdmin availbale for 2.5 servers? [Dev]AceKilla no, not officially supported natively by the game, but many have built their own around the game. [1VB]Hanzerik <-- [Dev]AceKilla The AASM provides this functionality with it's Remote Control Utility feature - AASM has been enhanced in v2.5 and is a very powerful tool. [Dev]AceKilla The AASM along with the improved Admin Command Post should provide server admins with better tools in v2.5 [Dev]AceKilla next R45 a/s/l? GhostfromTexas Is there going to be changes made to combat spam 203's and grenades on maps such as PCR where you often find 1/2 your team dead 7 seconds into the round from one spam nade? [Dev]AceKilla yes, one of those changes is the v2.5 nade damage radius tweak RangeFinder one? [Dev]AceKilla well, we're in constant development, so we're always trying to perfect the game and gameplay on missions. [Dev]AceKilla next GhostfromTexas <@R45> a/s/l? GhostfromTexas :) Athlon64M next [Dev]AceKilla lol GhostfromTexas (falcon1) is there any chance of being able to paste server addresses into the command prompt? [Dev]AceKilla we're looking into registering the aa:// with the install - but it's not in v2.5 [Dev]AceKilla this can still manually be done though [Dev]AceKilla next (LAST ONE) moeli :O GhostfromTexas just a moment looking for a good one [Dev]AceKilla heh ok [Dev]AceKilla I really think you all are going to like v2.5 - very polished stable build GhostfromTexas (AA|-hyphen]mokwai-) Q: does the dev team plans to continue moving towards to the higher level or realism u can possible get (gameplay speaking), or are u guys just trying to find the right balance of fun/realism? RangeFinder high fives ace [Dev]AceKilla I also think the gameplay changes will soon be second nature and for the better - a bit of over reation to the SITREP me thinks Liminal There will be an interview on TSN with several devs this Saturday, at 9pm EST on the Bridge & Harlock show -- don't miss it! http://www.tsncentral.com [Dev]AceKilla good question, the biggest design challenge we have is the proper balance between realism and fun - of course being the U.S. Army we will tend push the line for realism (which in some respects makes it 'fun') - to show the current U.S. Army as it is in real life. [Dev]AceKilla but above all else, the game has to be FUN. :) GhostfromTexas Well thanks for the un-organized informal interview with us :) Would you like to say any last words? Liminal On behalf of all the users and the Staff here in IRC, I'd like to thank [Dev]AceKilla for his time and patience. Hooah! FoxHunter Hooah! Athlon64M Hooah! moeli Hoah moeli ! [Dev]AceKilla Thanks everyone for the good questions - and much thanks to the AACMs, mods, and betas for helping to facilitate this impromtu session. y0ur_m0m now each give ace a case of beer. moeli hugs [Dev]AceKilla [Dev]AceKilla Enjoy v2.5 - we'll see you on the servers 'SOON' ;) moeli *blink* GhostfromTexas NOT SOON!! GhostfromTexas that means about 15 years! GhostfromTexas *falls over* DarkCntry Prepare... [Dev]AceKilla ok 'WHEN IT'S DONE' =-= Mode #americasarmy -m by Liminal [/quote]

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