War-Fighter.net re-opening

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[quote] Just wanted to pass on that the War Fighter Site is back and ready to serve!! After a long AWOL War Fighter has been reinstated! Currently we are working on setting the site up and getting things back in order. About WF, our Goals and Mission Statement... War-Fighter.com was incorporated in June of 2000. Our mission is to provide the best gaming tournaments on the Internet. We plan to have "ladders", "tournaments", and "leagues". Our most current focus is on first person shooter, military style combat games. Our first complete month during which the web site was fully operational was the month of May in 2000. We have now grown into one of the best gaming news sites, with awesome reviews, previews, and interviews. Also expanding into many other areas of game types, including Flight Sims, RPG and RTS. We are very pleased to be back!! Our Future Plans... We plan to expand into first person shooter style gaming tournaments and the possibility of other games. We have recruited some very experienced players in both of these game types who will be able to administrate the tournaments and provide expert commentary, reviews, and other in-depth content. We also plan to promote war-fighter.net in the gaming community and attract sponsorships from manufacturers which we have done in the past. In addition to tournaments that we run, we will provide much in the form of a community. Forums, gaming news, map/squad databases will be provided so players can communicate with fellow players. We will also work closely with the major gaming services and software companies to bring the players good deals on popular software, special beta-testing opportunities, and more. We look forward to a long haul and hope that all gamers will have much fun with this as we do! Staff Needed... War-Fighter.net is currently looking to fill positions! We need PC Staff Writers such as Game Reviewers, Previewers, Interviewers, 1 News Reporter, PHP, and CGI Programmers, and more as we grow! Some of the requirements needed to work at WF... PC Staff Writers will be responsible for reviewing and previewing current and upcoming games. Those interested will be required to complete one assignment per week, plus an opinion column or article each month. Staff writers must conduct themselves in a professional manner, be sensitive to industry trends and have a dedication and love for PC gaming. This is a demanding area I suggest you be prepared if you apply and get accepted for this position. We will not hold any hands, if you apply and get accepted it is on you to do your job. We of course are always available if you need help! To Qualify, Applicants: Must be at least 15+ years of age. Must live in the U.S., Canada, UK other areas possible Must have great writing skills - this includes the use of grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Should have a basic understanding of HTML. Must be able to work well within groups and teams. Must be able to complete assignments before deadlines. Must be creative and willing to learn. Must own a PC with at least: a Pentium III 1 GHz processor (or higher), 128MB RAM, 10GB HD space, current 3D accelerator card (GeForce 3, ATI Radeon, or better), sound card, 32X CD-ROM, running Windows 9x/ME/XP with a reliable Internet connection. Prior experience is a plus but not required. You must be able to have fun that's the whole point of doing a resource site. If you qualify and would like to apply for this or any other position and you want to have fun then come on and join us. E-mail me [email protected] and I will get back to you ASAP! The staff that is gainfully employed so far is individuals who have served at other Gaming Sites before so we are not new to the Gaming Site Frenzy!! :) Staff ages between 41-16 years of age and are all professional in manner and attitude in what we are doing. Hope to see you all soon!! War Fighter Staff www.war-fighter.net [/quote]

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