We need more POTD's!

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[b][u]We need more good POTD's![/b][/u] The 'Picture of the Day' can be a good laugh for everyone, we need more of you to upload your America's Army screenshots to us. Funny ones go down very well, but any nice scenes you manage to capture are also perfect for the AA Files POTD. The best POTD's are the ones without any editing; no paint splodges or name written across the image. Please feel free to upload your image to us using the appropriate form: [URL="http://americasarmy.filefront.com/potd/Add"]Click Here![/URL] Thankyou for your contributions, we try our best to put your screenshots on the site! Regards, ~ Sxy_Sonic ~ Enemy1

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