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Other Anti-God,Ghost,Slomo

If you are running a cheat server and don't want to allow people to use God Ghost and Slomo cheats if you use this they will not beable to...


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Other 1 on 1 Deathmatch Server

Allows you to run a 1on1 Deathmatch Server. Features: Players can NOT clear objectives "mpcheat changeclass " to choose your weapon...


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Other Cheat Disabler

This is the update for the Anti-God Ghost and Slomo Mod, this though comes complete with ALL Cheats and the selction to select which ones yo...


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Other Team Deathmatch

Basically it mods you server so that only if you kill everyone or time runs out finishes the round. I see TWL combat needing this


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Other Forceclass All

This "script" all the ability to give everyone in the server the same guna ll at once( if you are logged in as admin)


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Other -=ME=-GAINI

This program will overwrite your current "ArmyOps.INI" file which is in the "System" Folder of the Americas Army Directory. It is a good...


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Other Americas Army 2.5.0b Patch

This is an unofficial update for the Mac version of America's Army 2.5, It fixes the bug with the in-game server browser not working anymore...