203 Range Card

This is a learning tool that will help you aim your 203 nades better


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File Description

This is a learning tool that will help you aim your 203 nades better

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Download 'aao_203_range_card.zip' (610KB)

203 Range Card
By -=[10thSFG]=-Phantom

Gives players an aiming "guide" to determine the
proper 203 aiming height.

How to install:

You don't install, you print the card!

How to calibrate your card:
In single player map, follow the image instructions 
accompanying this file named:
range card step 1.jpg
range card step 2.jpg
range card step 3.jpg

In case you don't know them, the console commands
you need are:
open (mapname) - replace mapname with the map of your choice
mpcheat changeclass g - changes to the 203 class
summon agp_characters.agp_character - summons a practice dummy

How to use:
Once you have your card set up, follow the instructions
at the top of the card.

You may freely distribute this, only if all files are included
and unmodified.
You may modify this any way you wish, but you may not distrbute
modified copies, or create derivative works.
This is "use at your own risk", the creator has no liability for
anything that might go wrong using this card.

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