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AConfigurator let you edit your game INI's files, in a simple way, so you dont have to be messing with all the files. After the first rele...


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AConfigurator let you edit your game INI's files, in a simple way, so you dont have to be messing with all the files. After the first releases, AAConfigurator became in a general utility application, incorporating features like. - Create AAO Servers. - Create/Edit binds. - Deal with PB. - Creating a Multi-User feature, for shared computers. - So on.

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Download 'aaconfiguratorv12.zip' (335KB)

/// CHANGELOG - v1.2

- Fixed minor bugs!
- Fixed WindowedMode resolution problem.
- Adapted current options to the Q-Course ( 2.4 ) America's Army version.
- Added a button to enable 28 new options to edit, for the Q-Course version only.
- If you are still using 2.3, you can also use it, just do not use the Advanced Configuration button.
- Added the new maps to the server section

/// CHANGELOG - v1.1

- Fixed ONCE again the Path select, EASIER than ever!
- Changed the Visual style, now its user-friendly.
- Fixed some bugs in the General section ( used to be Settings section ), now all check-buttons works.
- Users TAB had no major changes, the aao password is now hidden for the usernames, send feedback.
- No more Users TAB set as default, sorry.
- Binds section had no major changes, all seems to work, looking forward to redesign it tho, send feedback.
- Added PBuster section, now you have lots of useful actions there, for update your pbuster, view logs, ask for pb commands, view pbscreens, banlists, so on.
- Added Edit section, if you want to edit your aao files manually, now you can do it there, access to all the files, even logs.
- Added Installators of the current applications provided by AAO installation at the bottom of Edit section.
- Added the new maps on Server tab.
- Added installator.
- Modified the map select on Server tab.
- General minor changes, all over the program.
- And the most important, added paypal Smile, if you find this program useful, please help us!

/// CHANGELOG - v1.0

- Fixed again the Path select, EASIER than ever!
- Finished the settings section, added fragrate desired, skin detail, so on.
- Compatibility with Special Forces ( v.2.1.0 ).
- Fixed minor bugs in Binds section.
- No changes under the user section.
- New feature, Server section. Posibility of create your own server easly.
- New icon.
- New readme.
- Fixed minor bugs.
- Fixed website address to my new home.
- Fixed general bugs and improvement.

/// CHANGELOG - v0.97

- Fixed SetPath config issues, the path now is your Americas Army dir
- Added custom config for NetSpeed
- New Binds section, combo binds enabled are now, new features, auto save binds, export binds, view previous binds before save
- New User section, multi profile enabled
- Added default window button at user section
- Fixed some bugs

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