AA:O Forward Observer Update



If you don't like game spy and want ALL the servers, this is just what you need

**NOTICE** This is the update, this is for only people who have AA:O Forward Observer Installed



America's Army: Operations Forward Observer [02-22-2003] 
V 1.0.1 Release Documentation

The First Community Made and Inspired Server Browser for America's Army: Operations  

Greg McIntosh - DivideByZero [email protected]  

Beta Testers (alpha order):
Chris Dwyer [UK1] Ninja 
Jim Faulk  Vegitto 
Tom Kolb [DWG]Sys-Error 
Rob Lindsay ClickClickBoom 
Mike Matthews [SOB]sllm (www.sobservers.com) 

Installation Instructions:

New Install:

* If you do not have a previous version of Forward Observer or the VB6 SP5 runtimes 
and components, run the FULL install package.
* The full install will install and register the VB6 runtime library and all 
associated ActiveX controls. The setup  will install all of the resources, ActiveX
controls and DLLs into the AAFO dedicated folder and will not be  shared NOT the
system folder.
* Just run the FULL installation package and follow the prompts.
* The first time you run FO, make sure that the configuration settings are correct.
Go to Options > Configuration.
* You will want to make sure that FO is pointing to the correct directory for your
ArmyOps program and your player name is correct.


* If your PC already has the VB6 SP5 runtimes and components, you may be able to
just use the UPDATE. Run the installation program and point it to your FO folder.
It will place the new version of the AAForwardObserver.exe executable, config
file and lists into the folder.  
What's New:

* Replaced the Unofficial Servers List with GoAmericasArmy,com servers. 
The Unofficial list is stagnant and full of dead servers (one of the biggest user
complaints.) This will make better use of that space.

* Exclusive live feeds from the SCI and GoAmericasArmy.com master server! This
feature will quickly and automatically update the Official and GOAA server lists
at startup (with the option to turn it off/on and manual mode) with realtime feeds,
so the lists will always be up to date.

* Exclusive access to the Official Forward Observer America's Army Game Server.
Right now the server is open to the public. Once the new version of Forward Observer
is released, the server will be password protected and only accessible through
Forward Observer.

* Faster performace and new query options: FAST and FULL. FAST queries will refresh
the selected server list(s) quicker than before - it blows the doors off the previous
version's preformance. FULL queries (which FO has always done) updates all server and
player information, This is the process that builds the Player List and Updates the
Buddy List. Performance for this process has been greatly increased as well.

* Ability to toggle out of the ArmyOps game, run it minimized, select a new server
in FO and join it without having to reload the game! 

* New ping/latency code. I've decided to remove the standard ICMP pinging (the same
way that your ping program works in windows) and replaced it with a newer and more
accurate measure of performance of the network conditions between you and the game
server and the game server's performance in returning data to FO.

* Rebuild/Refresh Player List from the Player List window.

* All servers display icons which dynamically change depending on the mode they're in

* Locked servers also display a lock icon.

* New startup option to filter the server lists at startup based upon stored
Filter options.

* New Filter Option: Filter by server source (SCI or HomeLAN.)

* Network Adapter Configuration: if you have more than one network adapter or a
dial-up/DSL and network adapter, you can specify which one you want to use. 

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