AA:O Forward Observer Update



- For current users.

Forward Observer is the first America's Army server browser built by a member of the AA:O community for AA:O players.

Features: · Full America's Army 1.9 support. · Query, monitor and join all Official, GoAmerica'sArmy and Authorized servers. · Fast server refreshes (600+ in less than 15 seconds.) · Create your own custom list of favorite servers. · Update all Official and GOAA servers right from the SCI master server. · Dynamically generate server list views (by map, type, version, etc.) to see and query the servers that you want. · Buddy list uses both game and web queries to track and join your friends and squad-mates. · Build a searchable player list to find any player who's online. · Manage player and admin passwords. · Preload game maps into memory for faster server joins. · Join any server while ArmyOps is running. · Dynamic and customizable interface. · Integrated web browser and IRC. · Query up to 100 servers simultaneously.


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