I am sure most of you out there have started playing a map only to be shot in the first few seconds of a mission that is likely to ta...


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I am sure most of you out there have started playing a map only to be shot in the first few seconds of a mission that is likely to take 5-10 minutes to complete, and think this is my chance to make a coffee or browse your Clan website or what ever else you do after minimizing the game screen, only to find the game has restarted and your dead again at spawn, It did happen to me but not anymore.

Program Description Now you can have notification when the game is about to restart via a PC speaker (siren) also verbal notification and the game maximizes automatically, never miss the start of a new game. But It did not stop there, you will also get Key binding on the fly then you join different maps, for team messages only. Automatically check AA authentication servers are running. Automatically check PunkBuster files are up to date. Holds a list of your favourite servers (easy jump and join) Holds a list of your favourite TeamSpeak Servers (easy jump and join) Holds a list of all your buddy’s, and tell you when they are online. Displays a multitude of graphical information about servers/players online. Join/Auto-Queue a server, saves clicking connect button. Master Server Browser, displaying all maps at present, with easy jump and join (100% better than 2.7’s browser at the moment unfortunately). Notification about Version Updates.

At the end of each game in the round can verbally tell you You’re Score You’re Kills You’re Roe You’re Ping Who killed the most in the game Who scored the most in the game You’re Fragrate How long you have been playing

And during the game An alarm timer, just in-case you can only play for an hour or more. When there are x players still alive in the game, I have mine set to 5 When someone joins/leaves the server, so you can tell your buddy to join.

Option to send your game play to a website so you can see WebPages of analysis data about your online play, and if your Clan use it, a great little weekly competition. A little support forum to give feedback and suggestions.

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Download 'aapda117setup.zip' (10.98MB)

Just Extract the .zip file and follow the Setup instructions given in the .exe file.

Side Effects
Bandwidth would normally be the main culprit here, but after extensive testing the bandwidth used during game play is only 4-5Kb max every two seconds, this should not affect your game or course you lag.

Speech Engines - depending on the speech voice you have selected (some voices are very complex) you may experience a some audio break-up  at the the end for each game or round, this is down to good old PC speed and other tasks running on your computer.

Computer CPU time is up to 35% every 2 seconds to process data stream. measured on my 2.4Ghz PC
this does not lag AA at all.

For Extra Help, Info and Troubleshooting please refer to the developpers homepage

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