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AA Random Gun Generator

aa_random_gun_generator_v0.2.11.zip —


This is the latest version of the very useful, yet small application that creates a .txt which contains Admin ForceClass commands to change players weapons except its completely random. It allows you to select which weapons you want included in the .txt file. It updates every 10 seconds, so a user isn't stuck with the same weapon round after round. It is a great choice for spicing things up with your server.

This updated version added new weapons, and fixed a minor forceclass bug.



AA Random Gun Generator

-Change Log-

v0.1.03 (Sept 23th, 2005)
	- First Release.
v0.2.08 (Sept 24th, 2005)
	- Added an options menu, to enable or disable weapons.
v0.2.11 (Oct 1st, 2005)
	- Added new weapon options (SPR, AT4, Pistol, VSS, RPG)
	- Fixed small GUI Problem


Simply launch the application, make sure that America's Army is installed in the default directory (C:\Program Files\America's Army) otherwise the application will not work. In the future release there will be an option available to change the directory.

Once the application is running, you can disable any weapons you do not wish to use within your server. Default settings have all weapons enabled.

After simply click "Run" and the application will create a text file with random weapons every 10seconds.

To use this text file for your server, simply join your server as admin and then in the console (press ~), simply type "exec rand.txt" without the quotations (").

That's it. Everyone will now not be able to complain about weapons, because it is completely random! Unlike past scripts which gave the player the same weapon every round. Simply because it was randomized by slot and not weapon.



If you have any suggestions, or comments feel free to e-mail me ([email protected]). If you are having problems with this application, ensure you are running the latest version of America's Army and AA Random Gun Generator.

-Special Thanks to-

IrishMonkey (For introducing his crap random gun script he got from some noob)
-={IES}=- Clan (For BETA testing and also encouraging the idea)

2005 (C) DevilWare Productions


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