AA:SF (Overmatch) v2.8.3.1 Patch

aa_patch_283to283_1.exe —


This patch was created to address a few minor issues prior to the next release of America’s Army.

FORCE CLASS We have enabled Global Forceclassing (FC) on honor bearing servers. Individual FC can still be used but not on honor servers. Using a Global FC on everyone levels the playing field for all. When using Global FC, honor is accrued at less than normal rates due to the fact that old maps were created with specific weapon loadouts in mind. Forceclassed Servers will show up in MBS with an (FC) preceding their name for easy identification.

USERNAMES Spaces in user account names are no longer permitted. If you have an old account with a space it has been replaced with an underscore character (_) or in the case of conflicts a number. You should have received an email to your address of record indicating the change. All of your other account information was retained.

BAN SYSTEM Ban system again supports banning by IP, MAC, or Name/PBGUID (for PB servers banning by NAME will result in a PBGUID ban instead of a name ban). Ban system now supports console commands to list ban lists in sets of 20 (or so) to allow "scrolling" through the list to locate banned players. The Admin Command Post only supports showing the first 100 ban entries but now has a wider list to show all the ban details. The Banning system was rewritten and includes the preliminary ability to download a ban list from a web server on game server startup.

The following INI section can be added to support this:

[Engine.BanManagement] BanListMasterServer=www.somedomain.com BanListWebPath=/AA2831BanList

This will cause the game server to try to retrieve the "BanList.status" file from the web server using the URL: www.somedomain.com/AA2831BanList/BanList.status (using the example above) which will be compared to the local version to see if the ban list file version matches.

The BanList.status file contains the following lines:

AABanListMasterServer Version= MD5=

If the version does not match (regardless as to whether it's newer or older) the remote BanList.txt file is downloaded from the web server. It is not recommended to use this for large ban lists. It is anticipated this ban list management system will be expanded in future versions of America's Army.

PLAYER ADMINS Player Admin support has been rewritten to require player administrators to have passwords. The new AASM provides support for creating the appropriate format PlayerAdmin entries. For those wishing to manually edit their INI file the PlayerAdmin setting is now in the format "PlayerAdmin=, " (e.g. "PlayerAdmin=Bob,mysecretpassword"). Player Admins wanting to join the server must join the server using either the MBS browser and right-clicking on the server name (with it selected) and choosing "Join As Player Admin" or by joining via the console using this format "open ?PAPassword=" (e.g. "open"). You must have logged into your account in order to use this functionality on any official or authorized server.

System Requirements The General System Requirements for America's Army are:

* Video card supporting Pixel Shader 2.0 or later with at least 128MB RAM. * Any modern Intel or AMD processor. This can include Intel Core2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 or Intel Pentium 4*** * English version of these Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows(r) 2000 SP4 Microsoft Windows(r) XP SP2 Microsoft Windows(r) Vista SP1 * 512Gb RAM or more. * 3.5Gb of uncompressed hard disk space for game files * DVD-ROM (not required for downloaded installations) * Mouse and keyboard * DirectX(r)9.0c or later * 100% Compatible DirectX 9.0 soundcard * Internet connection

*** - Please note that the Clock Frequency required to player America’s Army has been omitted due to performance differences between processor vendors and their processor families. Systems running Intel Core2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 require lower CPU clock frequencies to run America’s Army efficiently. Systems using Intel Pentium 4 may require higher clock frequencies due to the nature of the products design - as a guideline generally the higher the core frequency the better the expected performance.

Technical Notes Important Note for Server Hosts/Admins The cooperative missions will take significantly more CPU resources to run during normal gameplay due to the additional AI processing load (shared between the server & client). Server hosts planning to run Co-Op servers should plan accordingly. In addition, players running a Co-Op server and client on the same machine will experience heavy CPU demand.

It is recommended that server rotations switch only from Co-Op level to Co-Op level, or MP to MP level for best performance.

Game Ports The internet ports currently required to be open for America's Army v2.8.3 are listed below:

UDP - 1716, 1717, 1718, 8777, 27900 TCP - 14200, 20025-45, 20046, 20047, 20048, 28910

UDP ports explained: 1716 for the Game, 1717 for the GameQuery, 1718 for the Master Server Query, 8777 for the Standard UT Query, and 27900 for GameSpy.

TCP ports explained: 28910 for GameSpy 20025-45 for MBS Game Server, 20046 for the Auth server, 20047 for MBS, 20048 for DCDS, and 14200 for LAN.

What's Fixed NOTE: This list only includes bugs present in v2.8.3 that have been fixed. Certain security/exploit fixes have been purposely excluded from this list.

Mission Specific: * SF Snakeplain: Were unable to use Javelin in the second 18Z slot until weapon is dropped * SF Snakeplain: A crash related to the Javelin destroying an enemy vehicle has been fixed. * SF Floodgate: Player pawns were spawning in with the wrong team * SF Floodgate: Player pawn was able to get into unintended area

Admin Commands: * Banning a player who has spaces in their name did not work properly

Mission Editor: * The "Save As" menu function was not available.

General Issues: * Round timer was very small in spectate mode and blocked by text * Console was deleting messages randomly * Weapon FOV was incorrect after weapon swap * Fixed an issue where switching to a grenade while zoomed could result in an unresponsive weapon.

Linux Server: * Fixed an issue in the linux server related to the chat log pathing.

Exploits Fixed: * Player was able to remove most recoil from a weapon by going scoped and sprinting at the same time

Known Editor Issues White/missing viewports When the Editor is launched, the viewports will appear to be missing or all white. To resolve this issue simply go to "View > Viewports > Configure ...", select one of the options and click OK.

Brightness/Gamma When the Editor is launched the brightness/gamma will be increased. Adjustments to the gamma can be made in "View > Gamma Options".

Unable to select any map objects (static meshes, brushes, etc) using right or left mouse click ** This issue is specific to systems with ATI graphics cards ** and occurs due to Anti-Aliasing and/or Anisotropic Filtering being enabled. Disabling these settings has been shown to resolve the problem.

Dual Monitor Setup: Unable to move the Editor from one monitor to the other. ** This issue is specific to systems with ATI graphics cards ** To resolve this issue, click the View menu and uncheck "Automatically reposition windows".


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