AA:SF Tactical Planner

aasftpdemosetup.exe —


This is a good tool for squads to set up there plans



AA:SF Tactical Planner -DEMO VERSION-
By -=[10thSFG]=-Phantom

How to use:
After selecting the desired map at the main menu, use the arrow keys to move the green cursor.  See the included keychart.jpg for a list of all the command keys.

This is a demo version, so only Bridge is available, and very few of the planned keys are implemented.

You may freely distribute AA:SF Tactical Planner, only if all files are included
and unmodified.
You may not reverse engineer, dissasemble, or decompile this program.
AA:SF Tactical Planner is "use at your own risk", the creator has no liability for
anything that might go wrong using this program.
It is "as-is", and no warranty is provided.

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