AA Watcher 2.9b



America's Army is a game without respawn. So can happen, waiting for a new round, you would want to put the game in background and make do things, like surfing the internet or reading e-mails. However, if you do this, you can lose the beginning of a new match— if not a whole round. AA Watcher 2.9b is a my utility that allows you to monitor persistently the game progress! When the game is in the background and you are not following it, you can switch to AA and be back in time for the start of the new round.

Download this and never have to choose between minimizing America's Army or not!



AA Watcher 2.9b by Ezio2000
Release  feb 03, 2009

This file is an update of my AA Watcher 2.6x program

What is new in this version:
-Optimized the AA2.8.4 folder search routine
-Updated some .dll and .ocx files

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