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AAO - Game Server Helper

aa_screen_shot_verifier.zip —


AAO - Game Server Helper is a simple program which helps one view active Americas Army servers. The player can also check players history, active players in the server, and view screen shots with easy click of the mouse. Very self explanitory. It is not complete yet, so there might be some bugs.



Just unzip and start.

Click Server tab, put in IP number of server.
Click Start Tab and then click the button labeled: Get List
Once you do that, then you click the AA Screen Name URL Tab
You will see 1 drop down list, and 1 listbox, With a lot of URLS init. Select one of the urls in the listbox and the screen shot of that player will come up. And in the Combo Box the players Screen name and PBGUID will be there also. Along with Time and date.
If you want to check the players history you click the AA Players History tab and hit the "Check Players History Button" which will automatically put the information into the webbrowser for you and hit enter.
Which then will show you all the information about that player.
The rest is self explanitory. 

Hope you Like it!!

My Screen name in AA is Mantis_35 or -FWF-Mantis.  I Play on Ev!l Bunnies Server which is the SF Hospital Map. Come give me your comments there. And Oppinions.

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