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America’s Army: Special Forces (Q-Course) Full Install

americasarmy240_aafiles.exe —


This is the full install that is required to play v2.4. There is no patch so download this!!

Be sure to uninstall your version, and delete the root America's Army directory before installing version 2.4!



America's Army: Special Forces (Q-Course)
Release Notes (Version 2.4.0)

What's new

New Multiplayer Missions

Included in this version of America's Army are four new 
Special Forces multiplayer missions. Two of these new 
missions contain both the Special Forces playable Soldier
class, as well as the Indigenous Forces playable class. 
The other two new missions are 'SF Exclusive'containing 
only the Special Forces playable Soldier class.

    - SF Courtyard: 
      (SF & IF)

    A daytime rural village mission where players must 
    question informants to find the location of a laptop 
    computer containing information about terrorist 
    operatives. Once secured, the Assault team must then 
    reach the extraction point with this laptop. The other
    team is on Defense trying to prevent the other team from
    securing and extracting with the laptop. This mission's 
    spawn points, NPC objectives, laptop objective, and 
    extraction points - are all randomly selected each round.
    This mission includes the following new v2.4 features: 
    Random Spawn Points, Random Objectives, Inventory 
    Objectives, and Door Breachers.
    - SF PCR (Precious Cargo Recovery):
      (SF & IF)

    A night urban mission where both teams must race to 
    retrieve a briefcase containing sensitive information 
    about terrorist operatives. Each team must locate and 
    secure this one briefcase and then carry it to their 
    extraction point successfully. The team that successfully 
    extracts with the briefcase in-hand wins! This mission's 
    spawn points, briefcase objective, and extraction points 
    (1 per team) - are all randomly selected each round. This 
    mission includes the following new v2.4 features: Random 
    Spawn Points, Random Objectives, Inventory Objectives,
    and Bunker Defeating Munitions (BDM).

    - SF Blizzard: 
      (SF Exclusive)

    A night mission set in a snowy Alpine forest environment 
    where soldiers must gain entry and assault a remote enemy 
    compound. This map has 2 different objective scenarios 
    which are randomly selected each round. In one scenario 
    the soldiers must either destroy or protect the electrical 
    power station. The alternate scenario requires the 
    soldiers to either deactivate or protect the radio 
    communications equipment. This mission includes the 
    following new v2.4 features: Random Spawn Points, 
    Random Objectives, Door Breachers, and Bunker 
    Defeating Munitions (BDM).

    - SF WaterTreatment: 
      (SF Exclusive)

    A night urban mission where players must either protect or 
    secure containers of radiological material stored in 
    various locations within an urban complex. The Assaulting 
    team must gain entry to the building, locate and secure 
    the radioactive material container, and then reach the 
    extraction point successfully with this container. The 
    Defending team must protect and prevent extraction of this 
    sensitive container. This mission includes the following 
    new v2.4 features: Random Spawn Points, Random 
    Objectives, and Inventory Objectives.

New Weapons

    - M141 Bunker Defeat Munitions (BDM):

    The M141 BDM, or Bunker Defeat Munitions, is a shoulder- 
    fired rocket designed to defeat fortified positions, 
    bunkers, and light armor. The BDM is given to the 18C SF 
    MOS Soldier (Engineering Sgt.) but can be used by any 
    member of the SF A-Team (ODA).  The BDM can be used 
    anywhere, but will have specific targets designed as 
    objectives or obstacles. These specific targets will be 
    identified by a HUD message that will appear when the 
    player's crosshair moves over the object. The BDM in our 
    new v2.4 missions can be an advantageous tool to use in 
    order to tactically and efficiently gain entry into the 
    enemy's compound.

    - AGP-DB14 Door Breacher:

    The Door Breacher is an explosive device designed to make 
    entry on locked or un-operable doors. Another 
    MOS-specific weapon, the DB will be issued only to the 
    18C SF MOS Soldier (Engineering Sgt.). The Door Breacher
    will be usable on designated locked doors in the new 
    missions. The player will be able to identify valid 
    targets by a 'Breachable' message that will appear on 
    the player's HUD. The Door Breaching in our new v2.4 
    missions can be an advantageous tool to use in order 
    to tactically and efficiently gain entry into enemy 
    restricted areas.

New Features

    - Updated Game Engine:

    The entire America's Army game is now running on an 
    updated version of the Unreal Engine - Unreal Engine 2.5. 
    This updated engine code base provides several 
    enhancements to the game engine in several areas, 
    including efficiency (optimizations), security, 
    stability, bug fixes, new gameplay feature 
    infrastructure, etc.
    - Updated User Interface:

    As part of the new engine code base update, many new 
    user interface specific enhancements were implemented. 
    The v2.4 User Interface has been overhauled 'under the 
    hood' to take advantage of these new engine optimizations 
    and functionality. The game's new UI will look very 
    similar, however it will run much more efficiently and 
    utilize some of the new features of the new engine.
    - Random Player Starts:
    In v2.4 players will start randomly between 
    predetermined locations on the new levels. This allows 
    for a more dynamic and realistic game experience, 
    increasing replayability and helping to limit the 
    predictability of enemy placement and routes. Random 
    Player Starts will also enhance the current game by 
    putting more emphasis on strategy rather than the 
    memorization of map geometry. It will also reduce the 
    negative impact of exploits such as grenade spamming. 
    - Random Objective Locations:
    In v2.4 the location of objectives will change for 
    each round, and can move around between any number of 
    possible positions. With the addition of random 
    objectives, the locations change from one round to the
    next, forcing the need for both Assault and Defense 
    teams to search for the objective. This new feature 
    promotes replayablilty, and helps to enhance strategy 
    over predictability in game play.
    - Inventory Objective Type:

    v2.4 features an all new objective type in which 
    objectives can be transportable in maps (via a player's 
    inventory), requiring their delivery to specified 
    locations. These 'inventory objectives' can be picked up, 
    dropped (upon death), and passed on to other teammates. 
    Inventory objectives provide a new style of objective-
    based game play by adding another dimension to objective 
    completion. These objectives must be picked up and taken 
    to a specific location in order to be considered complete. 
    If a player dies while carrying one of these objectives, 
    it drops, and must be retrieved by another teammate to 
    continue the mission. Inventory Objectives can be passed
    on to teammates by using the action key on a teammate 
    (just like healing a teammate). These objective types also
    take advantage of random objectives, by moving the drop 
    point/pickup point of the inventory objective to different 
    locations from one round to another. 
    - NPC Conversation Objective Type:

    This feature allows a qualified player to help their team 
    by speaking with the NPC (Non-Playable Characters) placed 
    randomly around the level to gain intelligence about the 
    whereabouts of the mission's main objectives. Talking with 
    the NPC's will help the team locate the randomly placed 
    objectives in the level. Once a qualified player speaks to 
    an NPC in the level, the mission's main objective location 
    will show up on their team's HUD compass as normal. 

    - Special Forces A-Team Videos:

    Included with this release of America's Army are all new   
    Special Forces informational videos. These 7 videos     
    describe each SF MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) in  
    detail as well as show some exclusive footage of the     
    Special Forces A-Team members in action. There is one     
    video for each member in the standard Special Forces ODA   
    (Operational Detachment Alpha - or 'A-Team'). These 7 SF 
    MOS team members are as follows:

    18A - Detachment Commander 
    18B - Weapons Sergeant
    18C - Engineering Sergeant
    18D - Medical Sergeant
    18E - Communications Sergeant
    18F - Intel Sergeant
    18Z - Team Sergeant

    These videos are included in the v2.4.0 Full Install and 
    can be accessed using the desktop shortcut created or by 
    navigating to the 'America's Army\System\Videos' directory
    and double clicking the 'SF_A-Team_Videos.exe' file.

What's fixed
This v2.4 release of America's Army contains a substantial 
number of other miscellaneous enhancements. 

Included in these are enhancements to the following areas: 
security, authentication, optimization, and much more. 

v2.4 also contains a whole host of exploit fixes, bug fixes, 
and other miscellaneous fixes.

Known Issues

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