America's Army v2.7 SF: Overmatch (Part 1 of 2)



You will need Part 2 which is located here

Overmatch debuts two new cooperative missions that will pit Rangers and Special Forces against an overwhelming force of Enemy AI Soldiers and vehicles. Rather than presenting players with the one-to-one odds, as is customary in our current missions, these two new levels represent asymmetric conflict; wherein the enemy outnumbers the U.S. forces by upwards of three-, four- and even five-to-one! The new AI enemy represents a more organized military force than the insurgency/terrorist antagonists of our multiplayer missions.

- Interdiction (75th Rangers - 9 Player Co-Op vs. AI):

Deep in the jungle, terrorists have almost completed construction on an underground compound to be used for biological/chemical weapons manufacturing and distribution. Intelligence reports indicate the need to obtain important information located within the hidden facility. A squad from the 2/75 Rangers must breach and infiltrate the enemy compound, locate and secure the sensitive material, and then proceed to the extraction point.

The 9 players will be outnumbered by an AI enemy force (including quick reaction forces) and must work together to successfully complete the mission. This mission features random AI placement/patrols, random objective locations, and various Ranger weapon loadouts (including the AT4 and Door Breachers).

- SF Snakeplain (SF Exclusive - 9 Player Co-Op vs. AI):

Recent reconnaissance has revealed a sizeable enemy force massing inside a reinforced mudbrick fortress. Intel believes the enemy is attempting to establish a forward base of operations in preparation for a subsequent combined arms assault on our local indigenous allies. Sensitive organizational and planning documentation is expected to exist on-site, if obtained this would be invaluable in not only preventing this attack and but also undermining potential future operations. Additionally, at 0500hrs today a reconnaissance and surveillance (R and S) team failed to check in, all efforts to contact them have failed and they are now considered missing. One squad from the ODA 2037 has been tasked with this important mission. Against overwhelming numbers, this elite SF team must infiltrate the fortress, secure the sensitive documents, and then attempt to locate and recover missing R and S team.

The 9 players will be outnumbered by an AI enemy force (including quick reaction forces) and must work together to successfully complete the mission. This mission debuts the following new America's Army features: The M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV equipped with the Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS). SF Snakeplain features two unique CROWS weapon mounts - the M2 (.50 Cal) and the Mk19 (Grenade launcher). In order to overcome the AI enemy armored vehicles present, a few SF Soldiers will also be outfitted with the new Javelin Missile System. One of the 9 player slots is the POW player role representing the missing R and S team. This player role poses unique challenges which include escaping your confinement, locating a weapon, and meeting up with the SF team. This mission features random AI placement/patrols, random objective locations, and various Special Forces weapon loadouts (including the M4A1, M249, M82, AT4, Javelin, and Door Breachers).

NOTE: The round time for these cooperative missions is a server setting and can be altered by admins for the desired pacing of these missions.



New Multiplayer Mission

Included in this version of America's Army is one new multiplayer mission increasing the vertical dimension of close urban combat.

- Steamroller (75th Rangers - 13 vs. 13 Multiplayer):

Local sources report that insurgents have recently moved into a heavily damaged city sector. Intelligence believes that the enemy will use this neighborhood as a staging area for operations against the host nation. One squad from 5/75 Rangers with Sniper/Observer team support must conduct counter-insurgency operations within designated city sector in order to drive out enemy insurgents, secure key terrain, and secure the city sector. The urban terrain is heavily damaged with some buildings intact and there is evidence of prepared fighting positions and other improvements to include improvised bridges above street level. This mission features custom Ranger weapon loadouts, random objective locations, and random spawn points.

NOTE: This mission is not included in the final installer of AA:SF Overmatch and should be downloaded using the new Dynamic Content Delivery System (DCDS). The map download can be initiated by attempting to join a server running Steamroller in the AA Browser.

New Training Missions

Overmatch includes a totally revamped player training program. Along with 3 completely new training levels to support the new features, this version of AA includes new levels replacing several older training missions training that were either no longer accurate to the current U.S. Army training standards, or built with outdated technology. All training levels were updated to the ACU dress standard and many now include several of our 'Real Heroes' to allow for a more enriching Army experience during player character progression.

- Javelin Training (Prerequisite - BCT Completion):

In this new training course, you will first learn how to operate the Javelin missile system using the Basic Skills Trainer (BST). Upon successful completion of the BST, you will be qualified to use the Javelin missile system in the field. You will then also be qualified to participate in an optional timed live fire exercise where you can improve and measure your effectiveness at using the Javelin Missile System.

- HMMWV Driver Training Course (Prerequisite - BCT Completion):

The Vehicle Driving course familiarizes Soldiers with driving skills needed to traverse rough terrain. Unlike civilian transportation, routes are often difficult and dangerous even when there is no enemy threat. It takes practice to handle most military vehicles due to the larger weights and differences in gearing compared to civilian vehicles.

- CROWS Gunner Training Course (Prerequisite - HMMWV Driver Qualification):

The Vehicle Gunnery range familiarizes Soldiers with operating the CROWS from the M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV variant. CROWS stands for Common Remotely Operated Weapon System. It takes the place of the traditional open turret so that Soldiers can operate weaponry from inside the HMMWV.

- Updated Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) Training (Prerequisite - None):

The America's Army BRM training is now compliant with the current U.S. Army standards, while also providing a more immersive training level. Successfully qualifying with the M16A2 rifle will make you the most feared combat system on the planet: a U.S. Army Infantryman. Qualifying 'Expert' will allow you the opportunity to attend Advanced Marksmanship School.

- Updated 'Eagle Tower' Obstacle Course (Prerequisite - BRM Qualification):

The Eagle Tower is a confidence course replacing the old obstacle course, which combines a test of physical strength, endurance and the ability to overcome daunting situations. There are 5 stations Soldiers must work their way through the tower by following the instructions given to them by a drill sergeant on each one.

- Updated Weapons Familiarization Training (Prerequisite - Eagle Tower Qualification):

Replacing the old U.S. Weapons training level, this new mission has been upgraded to feature additional America's Army U.S. weapons. During this block of instruction, you will be familiarized on how to properly employ the M9 9mm pistol, M249 machine gun, m203 grenade launcher, AT4 anti-armor rocket, and the Bunker Defeat Munition (BDM). Complete each station and thoroughly familiarize yourself with each weapon.

New Drivable Vehicle (M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV)

Overmatch introduces America's Army's first implementation of player manned vehicles. The first vehicle available is fittingly the U.S. Army's most diligent workhouse, the M1114 HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle). The M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV Armament Carrier is widely deployed throughout the Army and is one of the vehicles most Soldiers will use at one time or another during their careers. The vehicle was developed to fill the need for higher protection against small arms, IEDs and mines. It has an upgraded suspension system, a reinforced frame and ballistic protection plating.

In America's Army, the M1114 HMMWV is currently deployed on the SF Snakeplain Co-Op Mission and comes equipped with the CROWS weapon system. In order to start the HMMWV in SF Snakeplain, the player must be Driver Qualified. The realistic HMMWV driving experience includes the ability to start the engine, drive, change gears (drive gears and hi/low toggle), use the rearview mirrors, and change seats without leaving the vehicle. As in actual combat, seatbelts can save your life and thus included as an option when in a vehicle (and can save your life in game as well). The HMMWVs may be mounted/exited when on the move and can be physically damaged (in appearance and functionality). All ROE violations are in full effect and will be incurred for running into teammates, damaging friendly vehicles, etc.

This new AA feature includes the following new actions which can be configured in the Input Settings section (listed below are the game defaults):

- Gas Pedal: W (Forward)
- Brake Pedal: S (Backward)
- Turn Left: A (Strafe Left)
- Turn Right: B (Strafe Right)
- Enter/Exit/Start Engine/Transition Seats/Activate CROWS: F (Use)
- Shift Drive Gears (P/D/R): Mousewheel Up/Down
- Toggle Hi/Low Gears: Middle Mouse Button (Alt Fire)
- Left Rearview Mirror: Q (Lean Left)
- Right Rearview Mirror: E (Lean Right)
- Seatbelt: K

New Weapon: Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS)

CROWS: the Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station provides today's Soldiers with an offensive advantage to rapidly identify, assess and engage the enemy at greater distances. The CROWS is mounted on top of the M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV and controlled from the rear passenger compartment via a Video Screen Control Panel and joystick, giving the gunner a much safer way to perform the mission and engage enemy targets.

CROWS provides a powerful enhanced magnification capability and a laser range finder to pinpoint targets. The two-axis weapon can continuously traverse 360-degrees and is equipped with an internal stabilizer allowing the gunner to fire while the vehicle is on-the-move. Via the Control Panel the gunner designates targets with the laser range finder; the computerized fire control system instantly calculates a ballistic firing solution allowing rounds to be placed accurately on the target.

In Overmatch, CROWS supports the Mk19 40mm Grenade launcher, and the M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun. Currently, CROWS is mounted on all HMMWVs deployed in the SF Snakeplain cooperative mission. The player in the left rear passenger seat can man the CROWS interface by using the Use key (F) once they are gunner qualified. All ROE violations are in full effect and will be incurred for damaging friendly soldiers or vehicles with the CROWS.

This new AA feature includes the following new actions which can be configured in the Input Settings section (listed below are the game defaults):

- Activate/Exit CROWS Interface: F (Use)
- Zoom In/Out: Mousewheel Up/Down
- Lase Target: Right Mouse Button (Zoom)
- Fire Weapon: Left Mouse Button (Primary Fire)

New Weapon: Javelin Missile System

The U.S. Army describes the Javelin missile as a medium-range, man-portable, shoulder-launched, fire-and-forget, anti-armor weapon system that provides a highly formidable capability able to defeat all known armor threats for the dismounted close fight. The Javelin missile has proven to be extremely versatile and effective in its radically different combat employments. Consisting of a missile and command launch unit (CLU), the Javelin has an effective range of less than 75 meters to more than 2,500 meters. In addition to its day/night target engagement capabilities, the Javelin CLU, with its 4X day magnification and 4X/9X thermal magnification, provides thermal observation capabilities out to approximately 4,000 meters for dismounted infantry and vehicles.

In America's Army, the Javelin is used primarily for armored AI enemy targets in cooperative missions and is currently deployed in SF Snakeplain. The Javelin player class loadout includes the CLU, and one missile tube. Other Soldiers can carry extra missile tubes for the Javelin specialist.

This new AA feature includes the following new actions which can be configured in the Input Settings section (listed below are the game defaults):

- Select CLU from Inventory: B (pressing Reload will attach and arm the tube)
- Select Javelin Tube from Inventory: 7
- CLU View Mode: V (NVG)
- Acquire Target: Middle Mouse Button or Backslash (Alt Fire)
- Top/Direct Mode Toggle: G (Secondary/Supported)
- Fire Missile: Left Mouse Button (Primary Fire)

New Situational Awareness Indicator (SAI)

New to America's Army in Overmatch is Situational Awareness Indicator which replaces the old compass and resides in the bottom left corner of your Heads Up Display during gameplay. This teamwork enhancing tool is designed to replicate a Soldier's real life situational awareness and efficient means of communication not necessarily available playing through a 2D screen. Consequently, it is not a far stretch from tools the U.S. Army is already using in combat to increase Soldier's battlefield awareness.

The SAI represents a top-down view of the area immediately surrounding the current player and is updated in real time with the following information:

- Your Fire Team Leader's Location, indicated by a light green color with the fireteam letter designation. (Fire Team Leaders can see all Fire Team members)
- Locations of Soldiers you are 'Linked' to by line of sight (LOS), indicated in a dark green color. When linked to another player, both icons will display an outer gray ring. When linked, you are both receiving the teamwork CEM bonus.
- Your Squad Leader's Location, indicated by a yellow star (and the Squad Leader can see everyone in the squad)
- The VIP's Location (If Applicable), indicated by a black star
- All Current Objective Locations, indicated by yellow as active, red as failed, and green as completed.
- All Medics' Locations when Injured, All Injured Players' Locations when Medic, indicated by red flashing icons and medic plus icon (activated when a 'Medic' call is made).
- Exact location of where teammates crosshair was pointed when they reported enemy location (Z Key). This will not move and is a static enemy spotted icon that will fade away after a few seconds.
- Static blip flashing icon at the location where a teammate reports their location (reporting in).
- Flash red in the quadrant you were shot from, only flashes when player is actually hit (one of 4 directions that the bullet entered body when causing injury).

What the SAI will NOT do:

- Show you any enemy locations at all. Only locations where teammates have pointed their crosshair and pressed the enemy spotted key (Z).
- Show you everyone on your team (only Squad Leaders get this ability), it will show you your Fire Team Leader & Squad Leader and anyone you are linked to.
- Show you where you were shot from. The damage indicator included with the SAI only tells you which part of your body the bullet entered the body, which is not necessarily the direction you were shot from. This damage indicator is additional situational awareness new to the game that would normally be known in the real world.

The Situational Awareness Indicator also includes the following functionality:

- All maps provide at least 3 levels of zoom on the SAI (some provide more than 3 zoom levels)
- All maps currently in Overmatch (old & new) support the SAI and include a SAI map
- The SAI can be toggled into full screen mode for the full map display
- SAI/CEM linking is "chained", such that if A can see B, and B can see C, A can also see C even if A doesn't have LOS w/ C.
- Objectives and Players' elevations relative to you are indicated with icon changes.
- Squad Leaders can set the Squad's Target Objective by using the 'O' Key, then pressing the letter of the Objective to prioritize - which will then flash on all Squad Members' SAI.
- Players' Names can be displayed next to their SAI icons.
- The SAI commo calls are all SPAM limited (flood protection).
- Players will have the ability to make the SAI semi-transparent, toggle its ability to rotate, toggle player names/elevation info display, or even disable the SAI entirely via both the Settings UI and Keyboard Mappings.

This new AA feature includes the following new actions which can be configured in the Input Settings section (listed below are the game defaults):

- Report Enemy Location: Z
- Report Your Location: U
- Call For Medic: M
- Set Squad Objective (Squad Leaders Only): O and then the letter of objective to prioritize.
- Toggle Full Screen SAI: F4
- Toggle SAI: [
- Toggle Objective Text: ]
- Toggle Player Info: CTRL

NOTE: Currently, the report enemy feature will not be able to work when pointing through glass (will show up where it hit the glass), but most of the glass in the game can be broken out with objects or bullets.

Meet America's 'Real Heroes'

The America's Army Real Heroes program identifies and honors the valorous actions of some of today's U.S. Army soldiers in combat. Visiting the Virtual Recruiting Station and progressing through player training will provide players with unique opportunities to meet and interact with avatar representations of four distinct Soldiers, all of them Combat Veterans of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the initial debut of the Real Heroes program, you'll meet SFC Gerald Wolford of the 82nd Airborne, SGT Tommy Rieman of the 51st LRRPS, SSG Matthew Zedwick of the 7th Cavalry Regiment and MAJ Jason Amerine of the Special Forces. In the main Real Heroes user interface section, you can read their bios and view interactive representations of both their Class A and ACU uniforms. Here you can read their story and learn about all their U.S. Army accomplishments and qualifications. In addition each Real Hero can relate their combat experiences via special full-motion video interviews online. There are also special videos describing their Military Occupational Specialties (MOS's) and Skill Qualifications; specifically the Infantry, Airborne Rangers and Special Forces.

As a special thanks to our America's Army players we're granting a one-time Experience Point bonus after viewing each of the Real Hero Video Interviews online. In order to obtain the XP Bonus players simply have to be logged-in and watch each Real Hero Video Interview. Once each video has been completed the player database will automatically apply the XP Bonus.

New Player Stats

AA:SF Overmatch debuts the initial phase of the America's Army player stats system powered by Pragmatic Solutions, Inc. Player stats are now kept and a subset of those stats are viewable in the player's 'Record Brief' section of the user interface. These player stats are focused on teamwork, completion of the mission, and the welfare of your squadmates.

The following stats are now recorded and displayed for each AA player character:

- Account History:

- Player ID
- Last Login Date
- Member Since Date
- Group ID

- Player Notoriety & Reputation:

- Experience/Honor Totals
- Experience Required for next Honor level
- Total ROE (Rules of Engagement violations)
- A new Army Ranking system which correlates to your current Honor level

- Tactical Experience & Leadership:

- Hours Played
- Favorite Map
- Matches Completed
- Rounds Won/Lost
- Objectives Completed
- Number of Deaths while Completing Objectives
- Average Mission Score
- Number of Times Healed
- Medic Packs Applied
- Time in Squad Leader Role
- Time in Fire Team Leader Role
- Time in Non-Leadership Role
- Time Linked to Squad Leader
- Time Linked to Fire Team Leader
- Total Time Linked to Other Soldiers

- Core Soldiering Skills:

- Field Medic Qualification Date
- Airborne Qualification Date
- Advanced Marksman Qualification Date
- Special Forces Qualification Date
- Rifle Marksmanship Qualification Date
- Driver/Gunner Qualification Date
- Pistol Class Specialization (shots fired, hits, kills, accuracy, total usage %)
- Assault Rifle Class Specialization (shots fired, hits, kills, accuracy, total usage %)
- Machine Gun Class Specialization (shots fired, hits, kills, accuracy, total usage %)
- Rocket Class Specialization (shots fired, hits, kills, accuracy, total usage %)
- Sniper Class Specialization (shots fired, hits, kills, accuracy, total usage %)
- Grenade Class Specialization (shots fired, hits, kills, accuracy, total usage %)

New Army Combat Uniforms (ACU)

As the U.S. Army updates their uniforms, so will America's Army! Overmatch marks the official debut of the new Army Combat Uniform (ACU) in America's Army. The ACU is the new combat uniform ready to take the Army into the future and is often referred to as 'Digital Camo' due to the pixilation of the camo pattern. In addition to the ACU uniforms, the following player model updates are featured in Overmatch:

- All U.S. Soldiers now wear the new MICH Helmet (Arctic and ACU versions added)
- Player Models updated to represent new ACU and standard gear.
- All Canteens replaced with standard Camelback hydration systems.
- Medic Pack updated with ACU camo
- Boonie Hats, Ball Caps, MILES gear, and Airborne Uniforms all updated with new ACU Camo Patterns.
- Several New Soldier Faces added
- Several New Attachments Added (ESS Goggles, etc.)

This feature has been completely integrated into the game including being retrofitted into all legacy training levels and multiplayer missions.

Updated AA Browser (Including Favorites and Buddies)

The Overmatch America's Army Browser - AA Browser (Match-Making System) powered by Pragmatic Solutions, Inc. not only includes an overhauled server browser/filtering interface, but also includes new Favorites interface tab. This new tab contains two new features intended to help support the AA community and give the player more control of their gameplay experience - favorite servers list and battle buddies:

- Favorite Servers:

Players can now add servers to a 'favorite servers' list that is tied to your AA player account (no matter where you log in). These servers will then be listed in the Favorites tab and also highlighted in the main browser server list. There are several ways to add and remove servers from your list: through the in-game menus, by right-clicking a server in the browser, or by manually adding the server IP in the Favorites tab. Currently your Favorites server list is limited to 20 per player account, however this max number may be increased in the future based on demand and resources.

- Battle Buddies:

Players can now add other AA players to a 'battle buddies' list that is tied to your AA player account (no matter where you log in). These buddies will then be listed in the Favorites tab and also highlighted in the main browser player list. There are several ways to add and remove buddies from your list: through the in-game menus, by right-clicking a player in the browser (player list window), or by manually adding the player's exact username in the Favorites tab. Currently your Battle Buddy list is limited to 20 buddies per player account, however this max number may be increased in the future based on demand and resources.

The server browser has also been enhanced with the following additions:

- Collapsible Filters Tab
- New Filter Sets for Quick Access
- New Filters: By Current Round, By Time Left, By Average Honor
- New Multiple Filters can be applied to enhance the user's gameplay experience
- New Server List Country Icons
- Enhanced Right-Click Menus (Server List, Player List, Favorites tab)
- Player/Server Search Remembers Past Entries
- New Clear/List Filter Functions
- New LAN Player Name Entry Field for Quick LAN Play w/o an Account
- New Ping Field Now Displays Your Actual Ping and Average Player Ping
- New Server Return Field for Operating System, Current Round, and Time Left, Average Honor
- New Server Column for Average Honor of All Players on Server
- New Options available in Settings>Game section of UI: Disable Server Color Names, and Disable Server List Auto-Update

NOTE: The GameSpy server browser is still available, and can be selected in the Settings>Game section of the UI. However, many of the new Overmatch MBS features will not be available with GameSpy.

Updated User Interface

With Overmatch, we've overhauled the game's main UI to make it easier to navigate the game's features. Every page was updated and converted to a new NML format which can be dynamically updated on the fly in between releases. This allows the news and features in the UI to stay current with the state of the game in real time, as well as accommodate future additional content (missions) through DCDS. The highlighted features on the updated UI are as follows:

- New 'Record Brief' page replaces the old Personnel Jacket and is the centralized place for all dynamic information related to your America's Army player account. This includes a News page, your Player Stats, your Badges representing your training qualifications, and your M4A1 Weapon Mods configuration (Special Forces only).
- New Training and Deployment Sections with Overview pages displaying a view of all available levels in each tour.
- New Login page which direct links to the most used UI sections.
- Signout added as an option, instead of only Exit (to get back to the Login page, or Login with a different account).
- New Real Heroes interactive uniform display which allows use to click on each medal/ribbon/patch for a larger display and more information.
- New Sections added to support new features, such as Explore the Army, and Real Heroes.
- New Dynamic NML Update Icon indicating current UI status.
- New AA Animated Logo Intro Added
- Integrated Use of Bink Video for in-game quality videos.
- Links tab expanded with more community and competitive websites.
- Added 4 New Loading Screens
- Added New AA Splash Screens

The Heads Up Display (HUD) has also been completely reworked. Not only visually through resizing, placement (stamina meter removed), and new art - but also 'under the hood' with a complete code overhaul. Consequently, this has given us back a few frames as a result of the more efficient rewrite (even with the SAI). Many issues with the console, text chat, and spectating were also improved or enhanced (console scales with resolution).

New 'Explore the Army' Instant Action Mode

"Explore The Army" is a new feature in America's Army allowing both new and veteran players to jump right into some of our best multiplayer missions, where we've suspended our usual training and qualification requirements. However, players will not earn any persistent experience score or player stats on ETA servers. This "Instant Action" mode provides free play on more than a dozen specially designated servers provided by the America's Army Honor Preferred Providers. Prior to joining an "Explorer" server players will be able to choose a temporary username; during these sessions players will not accrue statistics or experience points (Explorer servers are Official but non-HONOR-gaining environments). We've set aside 10 of our most diverse and popular maps, organized by Infantry, Ranger and Special Forces.

Explore the Army LAN servers can be set up using the following new server modes:

LANETA - Use this for an Explore The Army LAN server over an internal network. This server will be listed in the LAN server browser.

LANETATOURNAMENT - Use this for an Explore The Army lan server running in Tournament Mode. This server will be listed in the LAN server browser.

New Dynamic Content Delivery Service (DCDS)

Dynamic Content Delivery System powered by Pragmatic Solutions, Inc. is a tool to facilitate the distribution of America's Army content from a centralized location. DCDS will be released in several phases beginning with Overmatch. This initial implementation will encompass support for dynamic map delivery. The functionality in-game will be automated, and the player will not have to install a separate application to gain DCDS functionality. The player can access the main DCDS tab by navigating to the AA Browser section in the user interface and selecting the DCDS tab in the top right of the screen.

This new feature provides players with a simple means to obtain new or updated maps between major releases. This feature is usually passively triggered by trying to join a server with a map you currently do not have. Player DCDS downloads can be queued and canceled at any time via a "CANCEL" button. Players can also Pause and Resume DCDS downloads. During download the DCDS tab can also stream several images and links to you for access to online content and additional information.

NOTE: The following maps did not ship with the final Overmatch install and will be available via DCDS: Steamroller, Insurgent Camp, SF Dockside.

Updated System Requirements:

All new Overmatch content is advanced development and as such will require additional PC resources to run efficiently (common in most of today's current gaming machines). Below are the updated Minumum and Recommended System Specifications for running the new America's Army Overmatch content:

NOTE: Players using machines meeting the old v2.6 system requirements should still be able to play most of the legacy (Pre-Overmatch) content.

The current Minimum System Requirements for AA:SF (Overmatch) are as follows:

- 3-D graphics card with 128 MB memory and support for hardware transformation and lighting
- 2.4 GHz processor or equivalent
- English version of Windows(r) 2000/XP Operating System with latest updates
- 512 MB RAM
- 3.5GB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files
- 4X DVD-ROM (not required for downloaded installations)
- Windows 2000/XP compatible system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for CD-ROM drive, video card, sound card, mouse and keyboard)
- DirectX(r)9.0
- 100% Compatible DirectX 9.0 soundcard
- Broadband Network Connection
- NVIDIA(r) nForce(tm) or other motherboards/soundcards containing the Dolby(r) Digital Interactive Content Encoder required for Dolby Digital audio

The current Recommended System Requirements for AA:SF (Overmatch) are as follows:

- 3-D graphics card with 256 MB memory and support for hardware transformation and lighting
- 3.0 GHz processor or equivalent
- English version of Windows(r) 2000/XP Operating System with all updates
- 1 GB RAM
- 3.5GB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files
- 4X DVD-ROM (not required for downloaded installation)
- Windows 2000/XP compatible system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for CD-ROM drive, video card, sound card, mouse and keyboard)
- DirectX(r) 9.0
- 100% Compatible DirectX 9.0 soundcard
- 56kbps Modem or other network connection *Nvidia® nForce or other motherboard/soundcards containing Dolby Digital® Content Encoder required for Dolby Digital® audio.

Technical Notes

Do not use any .ini files from any previous versions of America's Army with v2.7 (full install only).


NOTE: The new Overmatch cooperative missions will take significantly more CPU resources to run during normal gameplay due to the additional AI processing load (shared between the server & client). Server hosts planning to run Co-Op servers should plan accordingly. In addition, players running a Co-Op server and client on the same machine will experience heavy CPU demand.

It is recommended that server rotations switch only from Co-Op level to Co-Op level, or MP to MP level for best performance.


The internet ports currently required to be open for America's Army v2.7 are listed below:

UDP - 1716, 1717, 1718, 8777, 27900
TCP - 20025-45, 20046, 20047, 20048, 14200

UDP ports: 1716 for the Game, 1717 for the GameQuery, 1718 for the Master Server Query, 8777 for the Standard UT Query, and 27900 for GameSpy.
TCP ports: 20025-45 for MBS Game Server, 20046 for the Auth server, 20047 for MBS, 20048 for DCDS, and 14200 for LAN.

What's Changed

Everything! (Actually, the core gameplay is untouched, only enhancements to everything supporting it.)

Added admin console command "admin forceclass * " will forceclass all players to specified class. We understand the desire to play different missions with different weapon loadouts. However, we prefer the community use this new tool to do so, instead of running altered maps which take control away from the server administrators.

Added help specific to player admins to explain forceclass usage (type "help" in console or "helpadmin" for player admin specific help). User must be player admin to see "help".

What's Fixed

NOTE: This list only includes bugs present in v2.6 that have been fixed. Bugs fixed related to new v2.7 features and certain security/exploit fixes have been removed from this list.


[Admin Command] Spectate - When PlayerAdmin is dead and uses spectate command on another dead player admin is given bouncing view
[Admin Command] Spectate: PlayerAdmin who is dead can obtain a viewpoint underneath map
[Admin Command] using Admin Forceclass [all* | player] [class] locks player under chute
[Animation] Player can lose ability to take out weapon if player attempts to throw a grenade and swaps too another item too quickly.
[Animation] MILES players are not displaying correctly.
[Animation] While prone & slow crawling, there is a missing 3rd person animation.
[Art] Art: Attachments: Sniper player pawn does not have a pistol holster attachment
[Art] Dusk: VIP has wrong uniform textures
[Audio] Need 'Cloth Foot' & 'Tile Bullet' sounds for S_AA2_Material package
[Audio] PCR: Floor tiles sound like soil and not a solid when walked on.
[Audio] SF Hospital - Outside Ambush Door sounds reversed
[Audio] Tile floors sound like a wooden floor when shot
[Audio] Opfor Weapons Sound like US Weapons
[Authentication] Auth: Player's IP address is being reversed in transmission to SAS
[Authentication] Auth: Special Characters interfering with player communication
[Authentication] Auth: When a player joins a server right as a round is beginning odd behavior occurs
[Authentication] Authentication: Player is able to join an SF exclusive server without having completed any SF training
[Authentication] Client crashed when invalid log in credentials present in the user.ini
[Crash/Lockup] Possible Crash "Infinite script recursion (250 calls) detected"
[Crash/Lockup] Possible Crash in "HUDFRAME"
[Crash/Lockup] Client crashes to desktop after changing setting via UI
[Crash/Lockup] Client is crashing while observing players
[Crash/Lockup] MILES Play crashes when walking through another player who is sitting down.
[Crash/Lockup] Player who initiates map change crashes when attempting to reconnect to the server
[Crash/Lockup] Possible stack corruption issues
[Crash/Lockup] Spectating a MILES teammate while close enough to transparency their skins
[Crash/Lockup] Game locks after user tries to adjust key setting then returns to game.
[Crash/Lockup] Server Crash: AAGP_Vehicle::Tick:AAGP_WheeledCraft::Tick::TickAllActors:
[Enhancement] Allow MaxPlayers INI configuration directive to be overridden on the command line
[Enhancement] Alphabetize "Infantry, Ranger & Special Forces' Deployment drop-down boxes
[Enhancement] Change "TTS for IRC" from being defaulted on to off in default.ini
[Feature Request] Request ability to get rid of red enemy indicator or at least create server setting to toggle it
[Feature Request] Added Missing F Keys to 'Configure Controls' - Gamma, Brightness, Contrast, admin commandpost
[Gameplay] When a team wins a round without a squad leader a VO plays stating that the mission was failed.
[Gameplay] Admin forceclass while being zoomed with sniper causes bug
[Gameplay] IF players are able to get the medic role.
[Gameplay] Player gets stuck in the "ready to throw" animation state by pressing fire after pressing sprint
[Gameplay] Player is able to vote in a vote kick before they have finished authorizing
[Gameplay] Pressing prone key has delayed action, sometimes pawn stands right back up
[Gameplay] SF Hospital: attachments are missing from Opfor uniforms
[Gameplay] Spam protection on the comm. does not work
[Gameplay] Weapon mods not always spawning properly at start of round
[Gameplay] Radio Tower: No ROE for shooting Doctor at Obj-C
[Gameplay] Player with rocket weapon cannot stand after being prone.
[Gameplay] Playeradmins have the ability to get free points for being idle - Playeradmins can not be kicked / votekicked from servers
[Gameplay] Spectating: player locked to a single viewpoint when joining a server, can't spectate team members
[Gameplay] Spectating: POV shifts rapidly (bounces) when viewing from a body that is still effected by Karma
[Gameplay] Spectating: POV sometimes rises vertically to the sky upon player death
[Gameplay] Spectating: When spectating after dying, if the player being spectate dies the view sometimes returns to where the player died
[Gameplay] Weapon Ready Animation Plays Twice At Round Restart
[Graphics] Graphics: Sorting issues present when player is in the water on River Basin
[Graphics] Spectating: Alpha transparency does not function correctly on certain parts of pawns body
[Graphics] Tournament Mode: Decals do not clean up after swapping sides
[HUD] (Console): Can't read all of "playerlist" or "pb_plist" when >24 players on server - now 30 lines long
[HUD] Disable Enemy ID on HUD Display
[HUD] Honor Too High/Low has trailing spaces
[HUD] Console Box is too short when it's expanded.
[HUD] HUD Elements are hidden after exiting or completing training missions.
[HUD] Training: Medic Field: Medic Pack HUD Icon is not shown
[HUD] Parental Control: Does Not Filter (Derogatory) Player Names in Death messages
[IRC] "Leave" Button should be changed to "Close PM" when a private message window is open
[IRC] Double Click on channel/user should open new window
[IRC] IRC client doesn't understand channel modes a/q
[IRC] IRC Client Floods IRC server with /away messages
[IRC] Network Service name not displayed in notice
[IRC] Private Messages that begin with ": " or "! " Are displayed incorrectly.
[IRC] Reorder IRC Channels Dropdown
[IRC] In game client does not display notices sent by another user
[IRC] Player is unable to "CLOSE PM" window if user joins main chat room and closes chat room first.
[Map Specific] SF Recon: Unable to destroy guard towers with RPG
[Map Specific] Border: 2 dead trees on this map don't have blocking volume
[Map Specific] Border: Able to get on top of building on defense side using a barrel and a window sill
[Map Specific] Border: Blocking Volume on downed fence
[Map Specific] Border: bushes are floating above ground
[Map Specific] Border: bushes are floating off the ground
[Map Specific] Border: Comm. volume is improperly named.
[Map Specific] Border: Conflicting rooftop graphics
[Map Specific] Border: Exploit to get on back defense building
[Map Specific] Border: Exploit to get on back defense building at long wall
[Map Specific] Border: Exploit to get on back south building
[Map Specific] Border: Floating Bushes
[Map Specific] Border: Graphics: Bushes and shrubs do not render until player is close to the area.
[Map Specific] Border: Incomplete Downed Fence Texture Sticking to the ground
[Map Specific] Border: Mosque Wall does not have decals
[Map Specific] Border: Player is able to gain access to a rock that should be inaccessible.
[Map Specific] Border: Player is unable to enter doorways in building where objective is located by standing.
[Map Specific] Border: Player warps when walking under towel on clothes line.
[Map Specific] Border: Shader applied to window does not depict environment
[Map Specific] Border: Static mesh not properly aligned
[Map Specific] Border: Window sills are "sticky"
[Map Specific] Dusk: Able to reach unintended ledge
[Map Specific] Dusk: Blocking Volume Prevents player from walking under right side of bridge
[Map Specific] Dusk: Boards on windows cannot be penetrated by bullets
[Map Specific] Dusk: Bullets do not pass through door when you shoot at another player
[Map Specific] Dusk: Comm. volume has a capitalization typo
[Map Specific] Dusk: Doorway Texture Inside Town Center disappears when pawns viewing angle changes
[Map Specific] Dusk: No bullet decals on Embassy cupola
[Map Specific] Dusk: No bullet decals when shooting house near Ambush spawn
[Map Specific] Dusk: Overhang above doorway blocks player movement from its sides
[Map Specific] Dusk: Player Pawn Is Able To Access Rooftops
[Map Specific] Dusk: Player warps when walking diagonally through light blue towel on clothes line
[Map Specific] Dusk: Players are able to gain experience too quickly; honor needs to be modified.
[Map Specific] Dusk: power transformers do not display bullet decals when shot
[Map Specific] Dusk: Vines static meshes prevent/do not display bullet decals
[Map Specific] Exploit: Border building able to go prone on table
[Map Specific] Exploit: Border Long wall building canopy accessible
[Map Specific] FLS: Bushes are not visible unless smoke is present.
[Map Specific] FLS: Defense Medic Cannot Heal Teammate if Teammate is injured and in the other pen
[Map Specific] FLS: Defense Pawns are invisible from Assault Pawns vision from a distance.
[Map Specific] Medic Field Training: HUD text instruction player to follow 'Compass'
[Map Specific] Medic Training: Table in test room has clipping issues
[Map Specific] Mountain Ambush: Sorting Issue between trees and waypoint smoke.
[Map Specific] MountainPass/MountainPassSE - Hemmit tires/wheels do not show bullet or damage decals
[Map Specific] Mountian_Pass & SE: Texture wrong on Hemmits (Objective A)
[Map Specific] MOUT McKenna: Player gets stuck at the bottom of tunnel ladder.
[Map Specific] Pipeline: Glass is difficult to see, can't tell whether it's shot out or not
[Map Specific] SF Arctic: Rounds end in ties if time expires. Defense should win
[Map Specific] SF Arctic: Strykers show up on SAI as objectives but are not shown in the Objective List
[Map Specific] SF Arctic: Unable to destroy Stryker with AT4 or RPG
[Map Specific] SF Courtyard - Shooting informant does not result in end of round or ROE
[Map Specific] SF Courtyard Informant floats above bed
[Map Specific] SF Courtyard: Objective NPC Character has the wrong skin
[Map Specific] SF Courtyard: Overhangs missing bullet texture
[Map Specific] SF CSAR: Unable to destroy Blackhawk objective with RPG as IF.
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: Able to take objective thru container
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: Fence object piercing concrete sidewalk
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: Ledge of Southern Billboard has two elevations
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: No bullet decals show on certain doors and floor mats
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: Player misses ladder and falls from cargo containers
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: Player movement blocked on ladder at Southern Barges
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: Player standing in back of objective shipping container is not affected by flash/Frag Grenades
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: Player standing on speaker attached to outside of building.
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: See through smoke using truck windows
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: Sprint movement blocked by downed fence post
[Map Specific] SF Dockside: West ladder bracket does not touch building
[Map Specific] SF Extraction: No bullets or animation through phone booth
[Map Specific] SF Extraction: NPCs are levitating and are not able to be shot.
[Map Specific] SF Extraction: Objective location description wrong
[Map Specific] SF Extraction: Pawn able to access an improbable area
[Map Specific] SF Extraction: Player can jump from roof to street light.
[Map Specific] SF Extraction: Player can not pass thru door
[Map Specific] SF Extraction: Player cannot shoot through ladder.
[Map Specific] SF Extraction: Player Pawn Able to Access Ledge/Light Above Doorway
[Map Specific] SF Extraction: Tables do not show bullet penetration (holes)
[Map Specific] SF Extraction: trash dumpster is penetrating wall
[Map Specific] SF Hospital: Fence post is clipping through crate
[Map Specific] SF PCR: Papers on the ground make wood sounding footsteps
[Map Specific] SF PCR: Shuttered windows not displaying bullet decals
[Map Specific] SF Water Treatment - Changed Visibility of the CarryObjective to only be seen by the friendly team when it is dropped.
[Map Specific] SF Water Treatment: Pawn gets stuck when attempting to look at camera monitors.
[Map Specific] SFCourtyard: Nades can be thrown through fencing
[Map Specific] SFCSAR: Error: Accessed None 'PS' found while walking through fire.
[Map Specific] SFDockside: Able to see through the wall
[Map Specific] SFDockside: Players movement is blocked by parking spot cinderblocks
[Map Specific] SFExtraction: Able Access Top of Roasted Nut Stands
[Map Specific] SFExtraction: level has an objective player can take that is not related to level design.
[Map Specific] SFExtraction: Missing Bullet Hole Decals on Surfaces
[Map Specific] SFExtraction: Missing Umbrella on Hotdog Stand
[Map Specific] SFExtraction: NPC Pawns: pawns do not take damage nor is ROE issued when shooting or fragging them.
[Map Specific] SFExtraction: Pawn Able to Jump on Power Boxes
[Map Specific] SFExtraction: Shooting the Skybox triggers a particle effect
[Map Specific] SFExtraction: There is a mysterious objective in one of the doorways
[Map Specific] SFHospital NPC Male Nurses/Doctors are levitating and are not able to be shot
[Map Specific] SFHospital: lighting on patient in operating room to dark
[Map Specific] SFHospital: smoke is emitting from ground with no apparent source.
[Map Specific] SFHospital: can see through smoke on taxi windows and door windows.
[Map Specific] SFPCR: Wall near south spawn point has no texture.
[Map Specific] SFRecon: Wrong bullet decals are appearing truck
[Map Specific] SFTaiga: Player can get stuck by pole
[Map Specific] SFWatertreatment: Gap between pillar and wall
[Map Specific] Shoothouse: Instructor VO does not play
[Map Specific] Shoothouse: Training cadre do not turn to look at player when player "uses" them to initiate VO
[Map Specific] Swamp Raid: Blocking Volume above wood fence
[Map Specific] Swamp Raid: invisible collision between fences prevents player movement through open space
[Map Specific] Swamp Raid: Player can climb tree
[Map Specific] Swamp Raid: Player can ghost thru map
[Map Specific] Swamp Raid: Players are able to get on top of blocking volume above wood fence
[Map Specific] Urban Assault: Metal objects such as the fences and 50 gallon drums are not able to be penetrated by bullets.
[Map Specific] Urban Assault: Weapons/grenades irretrievable after being dropped on stairs.
[Map Specific] Weapons Cache: Elevator has no karma, bodies fall through it.
[Map Specific] Weapons Cache: light post blocking volume causes player to end up in unintended spot
[Map Specific] Woodland Outpost: See through smoke.
[PunkBuster] Tip for updating PB still says to use PBWeb. Now States Use PBSetup for Windows Builds.
[Exploits] Constant Binocular Vision
[Exploits] "Audio Flush True" command is still enabled in both the public (2.6) and beta builds.
[Exploits] Console Command: Editobj gives user ability to edit items on the server while in play.
[Exploits] Dusk and Border: Certain type of car (taxi) windows allow players to see through smoke.
[Exploits] Dusk and Border: Tacoma truck windows allow players to see through smoke.
[Exploits] Exploit fixed of switching to grenade while bipod is deploying. Also prevents switching to grenade during fixjam animation.
[Exploits] Console Command "Poke" allows player to change in game variables
[Exploits] Console Command: FirstColoRedMip X allows player to change colors of the map.
[Exploits] Constant Binocular Vision
[Exploits] Dusk: Using clothes line player is able to jump on the roof and get under the map
[Exploits] FLS: Defense Pawn is able to stand on a crossmember in the northern pen.
[Exploits] Player is able to Run and Shoot at the same time.
[Exploits] SF Extraction: Seeing through smoke
[Exploits] Sound_reboot when bound to a key will clear current sounds
[Exploits] Fake picking up objective exploit.
[Exploits] Fix for original fix related to starting out in windowed 16 bit mode. America's Army Must be run in 32 bit mode.
[Exploits] Fix for sprinting and swapping weapons.
[Exploits] Going prone while swapping RPG (or other weapons) skips readying animation (or shouldering animation)
[Exploits] MOUT McKenna: Glass windows tops in buildings allow player to see through smoke
[Exploits] Old Exploit: Taking an obj, and secure it from a distance
[Exploits] Player can throw grenades while on ladders
[Exploits] RFE: Encrypt the user's password in User.ini
[Exploits] Run swap grenade/shoot exploit
[Exploits] Running while shooting should no longer be possible.
[Exploits] SF Hospital: Exploit that allows players to see through walls.
[Exploits] SFHospital - Player can see through wall on West Wing Roof when on top of light
[Exploits] SFHospital: See Through Smoke Exploit
[Exploits] Shooting While going prone - Enhanced BUGFIX because sometimes firing doesn't always stop if player is going prone
[Exploits] Shooting While Going Prone.
[Exploits] Urban Assault: Player can gain access to roof above west objective by using clothesline
[Exploits] Using Turn180 disables recoil if held while user shoots.
[Exploits] When player is dead, player can report enemy spotted to live soldiers
[Exploits] Player can enter a state of "Supported" Standing or Crouching prohibiting Player from Moving
[Exploits] Player is able to skip weapon reload animation on all weapons
[Exploits] Shooting while going prone
[Exploits] While taking objective, player has the ability to pull out Grenade, Flash bang, Incendiary, smoke and throw it.
[Exploits] Remove fixedfps console command
[Server Browser] Add a tooltip for Player & Server Search history box in MBS to notify the user that the last 10 searches will be remembered.
[Server Browser] MBS: AA-Browser causes lag on client pc when viewing list of all AA servers.
[Server Browser] MBS: Min and Max Honor Filters do not function
[Server Browser] MBS: Ping filter is broken
[Server Browser] MBS: Server ping times not showing correctly in AA Browser
[Server Browser] Pings reported by MBS and GS are significantly different
[Server Browser] Sliding the Middle Splitter Bar to the left/right causes repeating rectangles to appear - Limited Scrolling Range to fix.
[Server Browser] UI Add Option to disable colors in server names in the MBS browser.
[Server Related] Admin switching server from cheat to non-cheat - should now alert all players, update their HUD, and reset any cheats that are enabled.
[Server Related] Crash: Server crashes when trying to rotate server via in game Admin CP
[Server Related] Create "Logs" folder upon Starting a Server.
[Server Related] Honor restrictions not working
[Server Related] Server Crash: Critical: UGameEngine::Tick (Traveling from SFHospital to Weapons cache)
[Server Related] Server: Unable to sprint after respawning, weapon disappeared after slinging
[Server Related] TM: Accessed None "C" in "CheckEndGame"
[Server Related] Warnining: ThrowWeapon::SpawnPickup() Already has a pickup ptr!! Must have already dropped!
[Tournament Mode] Take away hit animations in setup and discard rounds
[Tournament Mode] TM Unable to spawn in first live round
[Tournament Mode] TM: Admin spectate functionality is not consistent
[Tournament Mode] TM: Restarting a tournament is broken
[Tournament Mode] TM: Set up round is repeated with 10 minute counter after sides are switched.
[Training] Medic Training 2: Table where player sits to take the desk has no collision. Player can walk through it from the left side
[Training] MOUT Shoothouse: Player can run through shoothouse without shooting at all and pass mission
[U.I.] Added new Splash Screen for Overmatch Release.
[U.I.] Cancelled Connect Dialog is not sized properly or worded properly
[U.I.] Creative EAX Logo takes a user to a website that does not work
[U.I.] ESRB Link is not named correctly.
[U.I.] MBS Tab in Settings is off the screen - This Setting has been moved to the Game Settings page.
[U.I.] Remove "Clicking" sound in Configure Keys section of Settings
[U.I.] Remove "Speech Recognition" from Game Settings Panel
[U.I.] Removed deprecated player icons (US Retired & US Reserve and US SF)
[U.I.] The 'Honor too low' and 'Honor too high' message has too many spaces.
[U.I.] U.I. Browser Screens Not Resizing Correctly
[U.I.] (Deployment - Internet/LAN - Browser) Browser is reporting the amount of kills a player has instead of the score they have.
[U.I.] "Unable to Join Server" dialog box is hidden when an unsuccessful attempt to join by command line is made
[U.I.] Auto login does not work
[U.I.] Change game browser warning text not wrapping to fit inside message box
[U.I.] Exit Dialog Message caused by an "Engine Mismatch" is outside its dialog
[U.I.] HUD Opacity does not work
[U.I.] HUD Scaling does not work (Removed)
[U.I.] Icon spacing to close to honor for folks with 100 honor level
[U.I.] Playeradmin cannot open game console after closing Admin Command post
[U.I.] Unable to join servers through UI due to "required training not complete" error
[U.I.] Unable to unbind a key using backspace
[Vehicles] Stryker overlay missing or not working properly and sometimes locks player's view
[Weapons] Door Breacher can get stuck to a pawns head, killing them.
[Weapons] Sights on AK74SU with red dot sights view blocked
[Weapons] There is no class command for the AK74SU with the reflex site.
[Weapons] When M583A1 Flare is fired no Projectile travels through the air.

Known Issues

-The HMMWV engine sound may cut off during gameplay (the engine will remain on).
[Workaround: The engine sound will reset next round]

-When exiting a HMMWV, player's view may be forced to the ground briefly.
[Workaround: If it occurs, it will only be for a split second]

-Sometimes the Javelin Missile will not fire (indicated by reloading an invisible tube - occurs under high latency conditions)
[Workaround: Drop (Backspace) the Javelin and then pick the weapon back up]

-When joining a server (reported rarely, often after map rotation) the player may see the level displayed without the proper lighting information (very bright buildings/objects).
[Workaround: Reconnect to the server]

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