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Full localisation support - It should now work with non-US keyboards and non-US ASCII codemaps. Better IRC RFC support - You should now be able to connect to just about any IRC server on the planet. Perform setting - A new commandline setting that is sent to the server upon connecting. Great to use with bots & other authorisationsystems. Part Button - For the non-IRC savvy guys out there. Just click on the PART button (next to the MP button) and you will leave the channel you are currently on. Topic Support - The channel topic is now displayed at the top of the window. New alias $gameserver - By typing this in the chat, it will display the AA server you are currently connected to. Very handy to inform your friends where you are playing. ... and bugfixes and tweaks. Check the readme for complete list.



America's Army IRC

To install America's Army IRC (AAIRC), run the AAIRCSetup.exe file.  AAIRC can be installed in any directory you like.  AAIRC does not modify any files or registry settings on your computer.

During the installation you may be asked if you would like AAIRC to integrate itself with "The All-Seeing Eye", or the "Forward Observer" game browsers.  If you select this option, then the install program will modify the appropriate configuration files for those browsers.

To uninstall AAIRC, run the AAIRCUninstall.exe program.

To play a game, run aairc.exe.  Aairc.exe will automatically start the America's Army game (ArmyOps.exe).  Once the games starts, you can access the IRC console by pressing F5.  You can hide the IRC console by pressing F5 or Esc.  The IRC console will still receive messages even when it is hidden from view.

To scroll the message box use the Page Up, and Page Down keys.

To scroll the names box use the Shift+Up, Shift+Down, Shift+Page Up, and Shift+Page Down keys.  To change the size of the names box use the Shift+Left and Shift+Right keys.

To bring up the options box use the Ctrl+o key (the letter o).

To bring up the complaint form use the Ctrl+m key.

To change channels use the Ctrl+Left and Ctrl-Right keys.

If you use a game browser, such as The All-Seeing Eye, then configure the game browser to start aairc.exe instead of armyops.exe.  (This might have already been done during the installation.)  Any command line parameters the browser passes to aairc.exe will be forwarded to armyops.exe.

All configuration items are stored in the aairc.ini file.  This file is located in the same directory as aairc.exe.  AAIRC will create this file the first time aairc.exe is run.  Just about everything can be configured in-game, so you should not need to edit this file.  The only item you might want to edit would be the font name.

Aliases are stored in the aairc.ini file in the [Alias] section.  The following is the default set of alias definitions:
/aa=/join #americasarmy
/aairc=/join #aairc
/admin=/join #aga
/ident=/msg nickserv identify $1
/j=/join $1 $2
/p=/part $channel
/slap=/me slaps $1+ with a trout.

The first part of aliases is really predefined substitutions.  They are:
$date - Is replaced by the current date.
$channel - Is replaced by the current channel.
$nick - Is replaced with your current nick.
$port - Is replaced with your current port.
$server - Is replaced with the current irc server.
$time - Is replaced with the current time.
$gameserver - Is replaced by the AA gameserver you are currently connected.

So if you were the #aairc channel and entered this:
> We are in the $channel channel. 

You would actually send:
> We are in the #aairc channel.

If you created the following alias:
/time=/me says the time is $time.

And then entered:

You would actually send:
> /me says the time is 08:35:14.

The second part of aliases is the actual alias definitions. They follow this basic format:

All aliases must begin with a slash (/) character and the definitions can be anything you want.

Alias definitions can contain predefined substitutions and parameter substitutions.  $1 would be the first parameter after the alias.  $2 is the second; up to $9 is the ninth.  Parameters are separated by spaces.  If you want to include a parameter, plus everything that follows it, you add a '+' character.  For example, $3+ would mean the 3rd parameter and everything that followed it.  Here is an example:
/slap=/me slaps $1 with a trout.

In this example the alias is "/slap" and the definition is "/me slaps $1 with a trout."  Here are some examples:
/slap Bob => /me slaps Bob with a trout.
/slap Big John => /me slaps Big with a trout.

The next alias definition is slightly different.  Instead of using parameter one ($1) we will use parameter two ($2).
/slap=/me slaps $2 with a trout.

/slap Bob => /me slaps with a trout.
/slap Big John => /me slaps John with a trout.

The next alias definition uses parameter one plus ($1+) everything that follows it. 
/slap=/me slaps $1+ with a trout.

/slap Bob => /me slaps Bob with a trout.
/slap Big John => /me slaps Big John with a trout.

Here is a useful alias for kicking people:
/kick $channel $1+

Examples assume you are in the #aairc channel:
/kick Bob => /kick #aairc Bob

--------- - Fixed bug in #aga reporting.
0.7.1 -	Added locale support for non-US keyboards
	Added display of localized ASCII characters.
	Added $gameserver alias
	Added UserName for better IRC RFC Compliance
	Added Perform for automatic command performing upon connect
	Added Part button to leave the current channel
	Added popup if you do not select a player in the abuse report dialoge
	Extended Topic support. The topic is now displayed on the top window caption. 
	Removed IP from #aga report. (As requested by #Aga admins)
	Fixed bug with cursourkeys and tab keys being stripped
	Fixed an error with address resolving. 
	Fixed an error with winsock calling. (Thanx CDeath for that fix)
0.7   - Added on-game help.
        Added in-game alias editing.
        Added complaint form.
0.6   - Added an installer / uninstaller.
        Added aliases.
        Added in-game color support.
        Added in-game hotkey support.
        Moved status message box up so it doesn't interfere with player info.
0.5   - Added multi-channel support.
        Added a Windows like interface.
        Added support of non-IRC users.
0.4   - Fixed WinXP font problem.
0.3   - Fixed resizing bugs.
        Added a resizable names window. 
        Added in-game commands for bind, log, autoconnect, 
           font, and more.
        Added support for foreign characters. (chars above 128).
0.2   - Added adjustable AAIRC window size.
        Added IRC like commands to change configuration.
        Prevent main menu and console from receiving keystrokes 
           while AAIRC is open.
        Fixed lines overwriting other lines problem.
        Fixed some server connection problems.
0.1   - Fixed crash problem when alt-tabbing.
        Remove invalid characters from nick.
        If armyops.exe is not installed in the default directory, then
           AAIRC will prompt you for the directory it is stored in.
        Added support for /me command.
        Added support for /msg command.
        Added option for solid or semi-transparent IRC window.
        Added option for logging IRC traffic.
0.0   - Initial release

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