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Changes for October Update to America’s Army: Operations


•	New Map: Mountain Pass:
o	This map is essentially a continuation of the Bridge map, taking place in a large, mountainous region on the other side of the tunnel. The Assaulting team must reach and secure a convoy that has been captured by enemy forces.  

•	Added Combat Effectiveness Meter (CEM):
o	This meter will essentially illustrate your combat readiness in any given situation. It is affected by many different factors, including your speed, health, posture, native class, action, proximity to leader, being fired upon, explosions, and more. By using this meter, players will have a much better understanding of their ability to hit the target while in combat. Additionally, as we move forward and introduce new features to the game, look for more elements to be tied to this meter, adding a greater diversity to player effectiveness when compared with training, experience and special attributes.

•	Added Honor System:
o	Players will all start out with an Honor rating of 10. Good behavior and team play will be rewarded, while bad behavior will be penalized. Players’ ratings will increase or decrease over time, depending on how they play. These ratings will be persistent, and will be maintained in players’ personnel jackets. In this way, players may invest in their characters and see an increase in abilities and benefits the more that they play the game. Like the CEM mentioned above, as we move forward with the game, look for more and more features to be tied into the Honor system.

•	Added auto weapon lowering:
o	Weapons will now automatically lower when blocked by an object.  This will minimize problems with weapons clipping through geometry.  The user may override this function at any time by pressing the fire key, or by performing any gun action.

•	Added auto grenade notification:
o	Whenever a player throws a grenade, his character will now automatically shout out that the grenade has been thrown.  Note that this will not occur if the grenade is rolled, or if the player is in SLOW mode.

•	Added auto weapon switch upon grenade throw:
o	Whenever the player throws a grenade, the game will automatically switch him back to his primary weapon.  Note that this function may be turned off in the Settings Menu.

•	Added ability to enable/disable HUD elements:
o	Added the ability to turn on or off most HUD elements.  This is both a client and server side option, with server side taking precedence.

•	Added Hit-the-Dirt Feature:
o	While sprinting, if the player hits the PRONE key, he will quickly dive into the prone position (penalty is applied to the Combat Effectiveness Meter).

•	Added Server Admin Command Post:
o	Added a graphical user interface for server admins to provide better control over games.  Player must be logged in as the server admin, then hit F12 to access.

•	Added 1st person spectator ability:
o	Hit the ACTION key while following a player to see through their eyes.  (Note: This feature is still somewhat rough).

•	Added TAB functionality to menu system:
o	Players may now TAB between menu items.

•	Added sniper death messages:
o	Appropriate death messages will now be displayed for all sniper rifles.

•	Added spin to grenades:
o	Grenades now spin properly when thrown.

•	Added MaxAdmins parameter to ArmyOps.ini to limit number of admins per server (0 by default)

•	Added ability to switch fire mode while iron sights are up
o	Iron sights will no longer drop when switching fire modes.

•	Added night vision to spectator mode
o	This only works if NVGs are allowed in the map.

•	Added HUD settings to menu system
•	Added version number to main menu

•	Added in-game field promotion notification
o	Players will now be notified whenever they have been promoted

•	Added ability to dive on grenades
o	Players may now dive on grenades to save team mates

•	Added Player and Game info to Server Browser
o	Player names, score, ROE, etc., has been added to the info returned in the Server Browser


•	Adjusted M203 to use SUPPORTED key
o	To access grenade mode on the M203, players must now use the SUPPORTED key
•	Adjusted M249 to fire in more realistic bursts when tapping the fire key
•	Adjusted Scoring System to convey number of tied rounds (if any) at end of match
•	Adjusted Accuracy System for more realistic bullet spread
•	Adjusted grenade physics according to material type
o	Grenades will now behave differently depending on what type of surface they impact with.
•	Adjusted prone movement (better behavior on terrain, and more flexibility while prone and performing certain actions)
•	Adjusted GP30 to full auto instead of burst
•	Adjusted Scoreboard so that OPFOR rankings are not displayed
•	Adjusted volume of footstep sounds to be louder

•	Adjusted server browser to sort based on last sort field after refreshing or re-updating list
•	Adjusted Game Clock to handle 4-digits
•	Adjusted sniper rifles so that they always hit where crosshair is aimed, but waver of weapon is now increased
•	Adjusted cheat-kick notification to be more clear
•	Adjusted Menu setting to account for M203 mode being added to the supported key
•	Adjusted text for M4-based weapons to properly depict which weapon is being offered
•	Adjusted grenade roll distance
•	Adjusted variance of grenade fuse length
•	Added fireteam indicators to HUD and scoreboard
o	Letter designations will now illustrate which players are assigned to which fireteams


•	Fixed dropping of parachutes in planes
•	Fixed bug that allowed players to crawl at superhuman speeds
•	Fixed skin exploit
•	Fixed ServerNextViewTarget crash
•	Fixed multi-selection bug in server browser
•	Fixed bugs related to burst fire not decrementing ammo properly
•	Fixed bug where changing fire mode would cause certain player actions to lock up
•	Fixed bugs related to changing posture while moving
•	Fixed server browser so that large pings would not be wrapped across the screen
•	Fixed server browser/UI escape key issue
•	Fixed it so that Utelnet will close the connection on an open/restart/shutdown command so that it doesn’t hang
•	Fixed problems where camera would show through terrain
•	Fixed bug where going to prone while in slow mode would change your movement speed
•	Fixed terrain jitter problems while prone
•	Fixed bug where holding center view key would stop weapons from recoiling
•	Fixed several bugs related to throwing of weapons
•	Fixed issues with M203 explosions
•	Fixed problems where players were locked in place while during certain animation transitions
•	Fixed problem where M24 could not be unzoomed while recharging weapon
•	Fixed grenade HUD indicator to properly display large number of grenades
•	Fixed problem with changing posture while cooking grenades
•	Fixed phantom bullet issue with M24
•	Fixed problems with interrupting the reload on the M24
•	Fixed double firing problem with M24
•	Fixed incorrect commo listing in radio menu
•	Fixed double listing of grenade commo when throwing a grenade
•	Fixed missing weapon issues on dead bodies
•	Fixed console text purging
•	Fixed a few map related issue
•	Fixed location synchronization problems between client and server
•	Fixed F12 so that it no longer quits the game
•	Fixed a few map specific issues
•	Fixed a variety of other issues

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