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All i can say is if you don't have the game yet START DOWNLOADING!!! It Rocks!

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All i can say is if you don't have the game yet START DOWNLOADING!!! It Rocks!

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What's New:

New Map: Weapons Cache SE (Special Edition). By demand, we've significantly increased the size of the ever-popular Weapons Cache map. With an additional objective, the map is now almost twice the size. The Assaulting team now has many more options to attack. The Defense will need to be on their toes to win now!
Added new voices for Opfor...what language IS that, anyway???
Optional "Reason" to votekick. 
Type "votekick PLAYERNAME REASONINDEX" to initiate a votekick with a reason. 
Type "reasonlist" to find an available REASONINDEX 
(i.e. "votekick Kermit 3" will initiate a votekick on Kermit with the reason: "Player has used foul or abusive language"). 
Objectives now show on HUD while spectating.
Added ear ringing effects for M67 grenade.
When you are in a helper zone, the objective tag displays next to the Location Name.
Turning animations with binocs.
Parental Link to main menu.
Running animations for grenades.
Server list will display Leased and Leased Official icons.
New Groups for Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army (star).
More bullet crack sounds.
Several code additions for use by Dev Team level designers, for use in upcoming maps.

What's Changed:

Minor adjustments to compass art.
You can no longer initiate a votekick on active players of the opposing team.
You can only initiate a votekick every VoteKick_CoolDown minutes VoteKick_CoolDown is a server setting (default 3).
Flood control to limit "ReportIn" spamming.
Expanded LAN browser to 8 servers.
ROE Kick penalty reduced from 1.25*Limit to 0.5*Limit.  

For example: 
ROE Limit = 400 
Previous kick penalty = 500 
New kick penalty = 200 
ROE Kick at start of round incurs maximum penalty.

For example: 
Previous penalty = CURRENT_ROE + KICK_PENALTY 
Team attack message changed from a player broadcast to a game broadcast (i.e. not subject to flood limit).
HUD Options screen changed from HideNV to HideOptics (will hide binocs and NVG icons).
M24 and M82 can be used on some MILES maps.
Adjusted HomeLan graphic for server icon.
Adjustments to weapon and grenade load-outs on Bridge map to better balance gameplay.
Various other tweaks and modifications.

What's Fixed:

SP commo no longer uses enemy voices ("FRAG OUT!" in US_Weapons).
Fixed "End of match" message occurring at wrong time.
Broadcasts by the game no longer subject to flood limits (e.g. votekick messages).
1st person skins should now display properly on arctic maps.
Players on 2nd page in Admin Command Post should now be selectable.
Cannot CenterView while performing an action.
Stand->Prone popping.
Fixed tracers no displaying when prone.
Seeing through walls with combat-dive.
Flashbang sound is now scaled by distance.
Footstep sounds while fast-walking with grenades.
Zoom + Reload with sniper rifles no longer disables sprinting.
Fixed animations on ladder while carrying binocs and grenades.
Various minor map fixes.
Scoreboard should no longer show extra ties.
Fixed but where server text was not displaying properly.


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