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America's Army Release Notes (Version 2.0)

What's new

Special Forces

This edition of America's Army introduces the Special Forces
class of soldier. Players successfully completing the 
Special Forces training will be able to play as a Special 
Forces soldier armed with all new highly specialized 
weaponry. This new class will also include new player models 
and attachments as well as team structure to mimic the Green 
Beret squad structure. In order for a player to play as a 
Special Forces soldier, the player must meet all the 
prerequisites; a minimum HONOR of 15, completion of all the 
Special Forces training components, completion of both Basic 
Combat Training and Airborne School training components. 

New weapons available to the Special Forces class:

    - SOPMOD M4 Carbine

      Special Operations Peculiar Modification to M4 Carbine 
      - The primary weapon for all Special Forces soldiers. 
      This weapon is fully customizable by the player though
      the use of various accessories (mods) that can be 
      added to the weapon to fit the players playstyle or to 
      meet the demands of a particular mission. 
    - SPR
      Special Purpose Rifle - Variant on the M16 for long 
      range shots and greater accuracy. The primary weapon 
      of the Special Forces Advanced Marksman. 

    - Thermite Grenade

      Incendiary type of grenade emitting intense heat and 
      flame. This grenade is used by the Special Forces 
      class to complete 'data destruction' type objectives.

New OpFor Weapons

    - Vss Vintorez

      As an equivalent to the US Special Forces SPR, this is
      the primary weapon of the OpFor advanced marksman.

    - New AKS-74U

      As an equivalent to the SOPMOD M4, the OpFor will have
      the new AKS-74U, including OpFor equivalents for each
      individual M4 mod.

Indigenous Forces

All new class of player controlled forces to assist the 
Green Berets in combat situations. This unique class mimics 
the real life indigenous allied forces that work with US 
Special Forces across the globe. This class includes new 
player models and specialized weapons. The player will not 
need any special training to be able to play as an 
Indigenous Forces soldier on the supported Special Forces 

New weapons available to the Indigenous Forces class:

    - RPG-7

      Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher - a weapon used by
      Indigenous Forces capable of a devastating attack.

    - New AKS-74U

      Reworked OpFor equivalent to the M4A1 assault rifle.

M9 Pistol

All new M9 pistol available only to Advanced Marksman as a 
'last resort' weapon for close encounters. This pistol will 
only be available to Advanced Marksman (M-24, M-82, SPR) 
and will not be droppable or be left behind after the player
is out of action.

3D Ironsights for all new weapons

All new weapons for this version will have fully functional
3D ironsights. This includes the SOPMOD M4 Carbine, the 
AKS-74U, and the M9 pistols. 3D ironsights will be added to 
all other weapons in the game in a future release.

Weapons Mod Page

All Special Forces qualified players will be able to fully
customize their SOPMOD M4 Carbine rifles. On this new page
in the User-Interface the player will be able to add and 
remove mods from their M4, as well as being able to save 
their favorite configurations as 'SETS' for quick changes.
The current weapon mods available for the player to use are
as follows:

    - ACOG 4X Scope

      A tritium lit 4x magnification scope that combines 
      long-range, precision marksmanship and close-in 
      aiming speed. 

    - Acog Reflex Sight

      An amber dot sight powered by a fiber-optic light 
      gathering system and a Tritium lamp, designed for 
      operations in extremely close quarters battle 
      in any condition.

    - M68 Aimpoint Sight

      A red-dot reflex sight designed for operations in a 
      close quarters environment. The M68 allows for quick 
      acquisition of the target with a high hit probability. 

    - M203A1 Grenade Launcher

      A shortened variant of the M203, the M203A1 is 
      designed for the SOPMOD M4. The M203A1 adds the 
      capability of delivering explosive ordinance at 
      distances beyond 200 meters.

    - M583A1 Flare Launcher

      The M583A1 is designed for the SOPMOD M4 using the 
      M203A1. The M583A1 flare adds the capability of 
      delivering illumination at distances beyond 200 
      meters, lasting for roughly 12 seconds. This mod is 
      only available on SFRecon.

    - Harris Bipod

      Lightweight and rugged, the Harris bipod allows the 
      weapon to be supported adding stability and accuracy 
      when shooting from a prone position. 

    - M4QD Suppressor

      The M4QD Suppressor suppresses both the sound and 
      flash of the weapon, allowing the operator to avoid 

    - Ironsight

      Standard issue carrying handle equipped with an 

    - Heatshield

      Protects operator's hands from heat dissipation and 
      covers the rail system while not in use. 

In-Game IRC Chat Client

New in this release is a fully functional in-game IRC chat 
client built into the game's user-interface. This new feature
will allow the players to coordinate and chat on our 
official IRC channel (as well as other channels). This new
chat client has all the basic functionality of existing 3rd 
party clients as well as some features unique to 
America's Army. Some of the features available in this new
IRC client are listed below:

    - 'unreal://xxx.xx.xxx.xx'

      Typing a game server IP in the format listed above
      will allow the user to join your server simply by
      double clicking that link in the chat window (where 
      'xxx.xx.xxx.xx' is the IP of the server).            

    - 'AA|PlayerName'

      Every player logged into IRC through our in-game
      chat client will have their in-game username (taken
      from the personnel jacket) prefixed with "AA|" so 
      that other players know they are currently playing
      America's Army. This will be useful for players 
      looking to find possible teammates or just to see
      who is currently playing America's Army.

    - Web Links

      The in-game IRC chat client will allow normal web 
      links (www.americasarmy.com) to be double clickable 
      from within the chat window. Double clicking these web 
      links will automatically minimize the game and pull up 
      the link on your default internet web browser.

    - Private Messaging

      The in-game IRC chat client supports private messaging
      by simply double clicking the players name in the user 
      list located in the right side column of the chat 

New Andromeda Server Browser

A new integrated server browser platform, allowing quick 
server refreshes, live server stats, and custom filters.

New 'Missions' Deployment Page

A new feature in the 'Deployment' section of the user-
interface is the 'Missions' page. This new page allows the 
player to find the map they want to play and deploy straight 
from that page. Hitting 'Deploy' on this page will 
automatically set the correct map filters for that map and 
take the player straight to the internet server browser page 
to list all the servers currently running the chosen map. 
This 'Missions' page also displays all the information about 
each mission and whether or not it is available to the 
player based on their current completed training.

Six New Maps

This release contains 6 new maps - 2 single player training 
maps, and 4 new multi-player maps.

There are 4 new multi-player maps included, and all 4 are 
'Special Forces' maps. Three of the maps involve both Special
Forces and Indigenous Forces, and 1 map is a Special Forces
Exclusive map.

The new multi-player maps are listed below:

    - SF CSAR (SF & IF)

      Special Forces Combat Search and Rescue - this map is
      set in a desert 'mudbrick' urban setting. There is a
      downed Blackhawk in the center of the map with the 
      injured pilot located somewhere nearby. The assault 
      team must destroy the Blackhawk's technology and 
      locate the pilot and heal him. The defense team must 
      protect the Blackhawk and pilot from being captured.

    - SF Recon (SF & IF)

      This is a night time reconnaissance mission set in a 
      large sprawling desert terrain. The special 
      reconnaissance team must locate and identify enemy 
      aviation assets in order to assess Resistance air 
      defense requirements. The counter reconnaissance team 
      must protect Resistance aviation assets in order to 
      prevent enemy intelligence collection. 

    - SF Hospital (SF & IF)
      This is a VIP mission set in an urban environment 
      focused around the local city hospital. The escorting 
      team must locate and exfiltrate the friendly 
      Resistance leader in order to maintain continuity of 
      Resistance leadership. The ambushing team must
      prevent the VIP from being captured by the opposing 

    - Pipeline SF (SF Exclusive)

      This is the Pipeline mission set at night, and 
      involving a full squad of only Special Forces 
      soldiers. The assaulting team must secure Alaskan 
      Pipeline station and negate environmental threat by 
      accomplishing one of the following: secure main 
      control panel; stop oil flow at the three valve 
      controls. The defensive team must defend the Alaskan
      Pipeline station and prevent the capture of the main 
      control panel and keep the flow of oil open into the 
      pumps at the three valves. 

The Special Forces training consist of 2 components - the 2 
single-player maps listed below:

    - SF AVWID

      Aircraft, Vehicle, and Weapon Identification - 
      students will be presented with commonly used 
      vehicles, aircraft, and weapons utilized by the armed 
      forces of the world. The students will then correctly 
      identify the nomenclature of the military equipment 
      that was presented to them using an equipment chart 
      for reference.

    - SF E and E

      Escape and Evasion - students will infiltrate by 
      helicopter then move tactically on foot to their 
      extraction point though a simulated, denied 
      environment guarded by sentries and roving patrols. 
      The students must successfully navigate to the 
      extraction point through 3 sequential waypoints 
      without being detected.


Other Additions

- New in-game 'Icon Key'
- New 'loading/connecting' message text boxes
- New Glossary included in the user-interface
- New 'Enable VSync' advanced video setting added
- New 'Disable Coronas' advanced video setting added
- Medic commo "Medic on the way!" by pressing 'm'
- Medic comms report location 
- Progress bar added back to the Server Browser
- New "Deco Layers" advanced video setting added to 
   allow user to turn off foliage and grass textures 
- Added Tour Icons in server browser
- Added end-of-match timer explanation to class selection
- Added 3 camo 'skins' for SOPMOD M4 (Artic, Desert, Black)

What's changed

- Server Browser Page resized to fit within page bounds 
- Server Browser Page buttons recolored and sized 
- Password field moved from Filter page to Server Browser 
- Page, and resolution sizing adjustment functionality added 
- Added a new system for playing 3rd person weapon 
   animations. We can now play third person animations on 
   weapons such as firing, reloading, etc. 
- CivOp have scarves sometimes
- InfantryOp have caps
- Server Browser Integration: Andromeda and GameSpy, 
   selectable from Filter Page 
- Progress bar added to Server Browser 
- Online Mission Deployment: user is now presented with 
   information regarding the online missions via a new Tab: 
   "Missions," under Deployment 
- Cannot initiate an ROE votekick on a player with no ROE
- Training and Deployment Mission pages now use dynamic 
   drop-down boxes, rather than overabundant tabs. 
- Connection Timeout increased to 120 seconds. 
- Ultimate Arena tournament server functionality added to 
   Server Browser functionality 
- Cheats-enabled server flags will be displayed in Server 
   Browser Rules List 
- New loading/progress message screens
- Added Glossary Page to Support Section 
- Removed Precaching option from Advanced Details Video 
- Removed Interface Texture Detail option as there are no 
   differences in Interface Texture Detail quality. 
- UI Deployment missions only show "Available" or "Not 
- Reduced CEM injury penalties
- Updated Fan Sites Support section
- Default auto balance setting is true
- Added end-of-match timer explanation to class selection 
- Added Auth Failure dialog boxes, some of which have useful 

What's fixed

- Main Menu and Game Menu are now persistent - all relevant 
   menus should retain state and activation. 
- Can no longer combat roll while taking objective
- Ambient lighting issues (dark model/bright helmet) should 
   be fixed 
- In game menus no longer screw up on resolution changes
- Menu backgrounds should no longer overlap the Hint box
- Fixed browser filter for "FLS" missions
- Audio/Network settings pages no longer loads wrong info
- Binding a key to 'commosquad' now works correctly
- Texture smearing on for bullet decals on corners fixed
- Fixed various scoreboard/class selection issues
- Changing the case of a password will now get saved
- Audio settings page no longer becomes invalid after 
   setting Audio Mode
- Players will no longer get stuck when rolling while prone 
   after dropping weapon
- Tour Validation message for Server Browser
- Two weapons in one hand
- MILES skins should no longer show up in non-MILES
- Tour dependencies are working
- Objective messages should work properly
- Mouse and Mouse Menu Sensitivity bottom limit set to 1, 
   instead of 0, which makes mouse unmovable 
- Your own footsteps no longer sound like they are coming 
   from the West
- Initial viewpoint rotation will no longer look down
- Admins no longer appear on login/logout or on the 
- Leased-Official servers report properly
- A blank password will be sent to the server if the 
   password field in the server browser is blank 
- Pickups don't block grenade damage
- Leaning spectator bug 
- Purple gun bug 
- Enemy grenades now look like enemy grenades when thrown 

Known Issues

User-Interface Mouse Lag:
The user may experience intermitten mouse 'lag' or mouse
cursor 'freezing' while moving the mouse rapidly over the
different buttons in the user-interface. This is due to some 
optimization issues in the user-interface, and will have no 
effect whatsoever on your in-game performance.

Server connecting timeouts on user hosted servers:
On some user hosted servers, some players may experience
joining the server but being stuck in spectator mode,
or not being able to join the first time. This can be due
to the server connection timeout setting. Server admins -
please make sure your 'server.ini' or 'ArmyOps.ini' has the 
following setting set to 60.0 seconds.


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