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This adds the map SFsandstorm as well as a few fixes


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This adds the map SFsandstorm as well as a few fixes

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Download 'armyops-lnx-patch-200to200a.tar.bz2' (8.66MB)


- PunkBuster issue 
- Training overlap bug 


- Removed Unnecessary Auth Messages 

- "Create New Account" URL updated ("") 
- Default server for In-Game IRC updated ("") 
- Updated Credits: Army and Dev Team 
- Updated Support Menu Tabs: Release Notes, Overview, Partners, Fan Sites, Help 
- Updated Deployment Menu Tabs: Services 
- Server Browser uses Andromeda by default 
- Server Browser text notifies when connecting to Master Browser 

- Server Browser Icon Key 
Official Army Server (Honor) text 
Leased Official Server (Honor) text 
Leased Server (Non-Honor) text 
Official Army Europe Server (Honor) text 
MILES Server (Training) text 
REMOVED: Ultimate Arena text 

- Server Browser Icon Key 
REMOVED: Ultimate Arena icon 


- Auth Messages 
Unsupported Version (11) 
Get News Article (21) 

- "Get News" button on the Personnel Jacket 
- Game client version number on the entry page
- Warning message if you try to join a PunkBuster server without PunkBuster enabled. 

- Server Browser Icon Key 
PunkBuster-enabled icon 
Official Army Europe Server icon 

- default IRC channels: 

- Distribution.ini for Distribution Partner and Version Tracking 

- NEW MAP: SFsandstorm.aao 



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