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Yes!! It's finally here... The tool we've all been waiting for....

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Auto Reporter!!

This is the tool we've been waiting for, expecially on the SF Hospital map :D How many times haven't you been angry because the VIP haven't reported location?

That is now put to an end.




AutoReportin v1.0

This program does the reporting for you
Most people forget to reportin so i made this program
To prevent all the teamkills, there is only one thing to do:

1. Go to your America's Army/System folder
2. Open your User.ini with a texteditor and go to the line which says F16=
3. Change it into F16=reportin
4. Open AutoReportin and Start AA when you joined a server enalbe autoreportin with the hotkey CTRL + R 

All Hotkeys can be located under the About/Instructions button

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