Bridge SE Guide




Here is the latest guide from our affilitate, The Foxhole. They did an amazing job with this one.

Bridge Crossing SE

Tactical Resource Guide The Foxhole Edition Version 1.0 of the Bridge PDF guides

Table of Contents 1.0 ~ Introduction & Word From Writer 2.0 ~ Defense 2.1 ~ Defense Sniper Positions 2.2 ~ Primary Defense Points 2.3 ~ Defense 203 3.0 ~ Assault 3.1 ~ Primary Assault Routes 3.2 ~ Assault 203 4.0 ~ Closing Credits 5.0 ~ Legal Information



Ok, after watching the polls at the foxhole extremely carefully. I have decided to
go with what the users wanted. A Bridge SE guide, my staff (namely 5m0k3)
skewered the net for Bridge Tactics, and I will be incorporating those in with
tactics I myself know. This guide ranges from Sniper Positions, to grenade
techniques, to assault & defense routes both Dangerous and Safe, I hope that
after reading this guide you will feel more comfortable on the Bridge map.
So what is Bridge SE? For those of you who are newbie’s, reading this guide to
gain insight on this game, Bridge is one of the favorite maps of the AA players, I
myself enjoy this map for it forces you to meet the enemy at mid point. Unless
you decide to go right for the objective and hike down under the bridge. But Ill
explain all this later, what is important is that you understand what this map

I’m hoping to reach a good 16 or so pages and I’m using a small font so those
critics cant say “oh its only 16 pages cause you wrote it in font 14”. Last time I
checked font 14 was rather small. Listen, you can’t blame me in whole for
something that’s wrong in here, for I’m compiling other peoples tactics in with
mine. That’s what these guides are all about. People who are apart of the tactical
world of AA end up with tactics in these guides. Especially if they become an
integral part of the Foxhole community.
So before I go any further, here is your Foxhole Tactical Resource Guide™ from
the Americas Army Multiplayer Map: Bridge Crossing Special Edition.

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