Cheat Disabler



This is the update for the Anti-God Ghost and Slomo Mod, this though comes complete with ALL Cheats and the selction to select which ones you want taken off. That includes weapons, PARAMS and alll other MP Cheats. This will bring cheat servers to an all new level and is a must for any cheat server!

Click on picture to view all cheats you can allow to occur 7484tt.jpg



Cheat Disabler for Americas Army version 1.3.0 by DavidCR125

To use this program just run it and choose the cheats that you want to be enabled.

This program will not work if armyops is running, the armyops server is running, the agp.u file is read only or another program is accessing the agp.u file.

When you run the program it should automatically detect the armyops path and version from the registry.  If it can't find something there will be an error but you will still be able to use the program after you have set the correct directory.

There is one bug that I know about, when you change the directory without saving the changes when you change the directory back to the correct one it will read the values from the file again.

I have tested the program on Windows XP Pro and Windows 98 and it worked fine on both of them.  It should also work on Windows 95 but I don't know.

When you want to upgrade armyops you will have to set all the cheats to on or you will probably get an error.

I would not try to use this program on any versions of armyops other than 1.3.0 unless you have a backup of agp.u.

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