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Trust me i have tried this and it rocks!

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he sentences you can create are segmented, but the only other solutions we found for this either used an extraordinary amount of text files, thus introducing a very annoying "stuttering" effect, or placed the learning curve on a par with climbing Mt. Everest. Once again, we encourage any modifications you feel would enhance the pack for your own configuration. As always, before making ANY modifications, please please PLEASE back up the files you plan to change first! We cannot stress this enough. Now...on to the good stuff :)


	Fairly basic here. Simply unzip all files to the C:\PROGRAM FILES\ARMY OPERATIONS. Yer done. See? Painless :P

NEW IN VERSION 1.2.1 (We decided to start keeping the same version number as AA:O...saves some grief)

	- Taken the "Commo Cycle" off the G button and assigned each cycle to it's own key.
	- Added more voice command keys.
	- Added teamtalk button.
	- removed bipod.txt (Sorry guys...looked good at the time)
	- Added more mini-maps on the printable keymaps.
	- Added overhead views of the new maps with keymap areas outlined.
	- Modified "Modify.txt" 
        - Overhauled and changed the Voice bindings to compliment the in-game Commo System

Explanation of the Voice Commo System
	Ok, couple changes and work-arounds here.
You'll notice that our first nine Voice binds now correspond with the order that the commosendmessages appear in the Commo Lists in the game.
"But I was so used to they way it was before, Why did you do that?"
There's a very simple explanation for that: When you hit a Commo Mode key, the Commo List for that mode stays up for about 3 -4 seconds. This created a nasty problem with the way we had the voice binds in our last Commo Pack. For example: "Roger" used to be bound to the "5" key. However, if you are in, say, Radio mode but you wanted to say "roger" in Whisper mode you'd run into a problem. When you hit Whisper Mode, the Commo List comes up and if you were to hit "5" at that time, you wouldn't get "Roger", you would get commosendmessage 5 which happens to be 
"Take Cover". So you were left with two unappealing choices, Look on the list, and find what number is "Roger" (Happens to be 8), or wait 3 or 4 seconds for the list to disappear and then hit the "5" key.
Yeah, not a very intuitive system. So we changed it.
Now, all the first 9 commosendmessages are in order on the keyboard.
That introduces a new little "Quirk"; Numbers 1-4 are already bound to your weapons.
Our solution was to not actually bind these keys ('cept for commosendmessage 4 "Enemy Spotted" which is bound to the Tab key)
You can access these four keys very quickly however, all you have to do is hit the Commo Mode you want first. So to say "Move Out" in Radio mode, all you have to do is hit B then 1.
No, it's not the "best" solution out there, but it's the best one we could figure out with the way the Commo System is currenty built in the game.
We now find it very intuitive and you can now very quickly switch Commo Modes and say what you want without delay or trying to figure out 2 separate commosendmessage locations for each message.

As always, we encourage you to experiment and change things around to fit what YOU need. This pack was designed for ease of use and the current configuration is what WE find comfortable. There is no way possible to even attempt to please everyone with our config, so we made it extremely easy to modify yourself. Check out Modify.txt for tips.

Phreek & EL_Manxo
"Communications for the Community"
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