Delta French Sandstorm



We called the latest DeltaFr movie a masterpiece, this one just simply left us speechless.

The Delta French clan have once again topped what we thought was possible when it comes to fan movies. This movie gives you no less than a 20 minute story in very high quality, telling you a soldiers story from the battlefield of Mouldhistan.

It's all made with ingame footage from America's Army and we spotted footage from the maps Hospital, Village and of course Sandstorm.

If you're only going to see one fan movie this year, make sure this is the one.




How to see this movie
The Delta French team decided to get a better quality than what you get from the Microsoft Media Player, so you'll need to install BS Player and some codecs. They are all included in this file.

Follow these steps to see the movie:

1. Extract this file

2. Install BS Player (Filename: bsplayer122.817), Codecs files (Filenames: XviD-1.0.3-20122004, OggDS0995 and SubTitDS1400).

3. Get some popcorn, start the movie with the BS Player and enjoy the movie :D

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