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This package contains commo pack settings files for Americas Army v1.30 It is designed for easy installation and very easy use....

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This package contains commo pack settings files for Americas Army v1.30 It is designed for easy installation and very easy use. The keys layout is designed to be unobtrusive and conservative.

Official name: Suslik's D.E.T.U.R. Commo Pack (Diabolically Easy To Use and Remember) Short name: DETUR CommoPack

This commo pack is designed rather for a beginner.

The pack does not contain user.ini file and is designed to be extracted directly into the AAOSystem folder. The contents of package are the following: - a number of configuration files all following the "sus*.txt" file convention. - A folder named "Susliks DETUR Resources" containing a readme.pdf file as well, as three *.gif files used in the readme.pdf

All of the instructions on installation and usage are explained in dreat detail in the readme.pdf


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Suslik‘s D.E.T.U.R. Commo Pack 
“Diabolically Easy To Use and Remember”

Version 1.3.0 (20021114)




This commo pack contains settings files that will make it easier for you to communicate your status, position, actions and commands. The settings in this package bind most useful messages to the NumPad, Cursor and other keys in the right area of the keyboard ONLY. (This pack does NOT change the layout of the main (left portion) keyboard.)

It is the goal of this package to be:
- Extremely easy to use 
    (Same keys/message freagments are used for multitude of message combinations)
- Very easy to remember;
- Extremely easy to install and remove.
    (only ONE key to change in user.ini)

Ease of use is accomplished through combining of very few universal, reusable message fragments in one meaningful sentence applicable to a particular occasion.

This package does not have location mappings to every frick’n place on every map. This set limits number of locations to be reported to FOUR per map. Usually these locations include objectives (i.e. for Pipeline map - Main Console, Primary Valve, Sec. Valve, Ext. Valve) or significant terrain areas (i.e. for Mountain Pass map – Chasm, Center Hill, Mountain Ridge, Convoy).

This pack is designed rather for a casual, intermediate gamer, than for advanced team gamers, where larger number of mapped locations, advanced knowledge of the map and precise communication is crucial.



To Install:

a) Unrar (unzip) all of the files into your
C:\Program Files\Army Operations\System folder

b) Edit your “user.ini” file.
Add only ONE line to it. We will assign the Slash button to activate our communication shortcuts.

Find the following lines: (Slash= or Backslash=) and add “exec susmain.txt” to it. Save the file.

Here is how it should be
Slash=exec susmain.txt
Backslash=exec susmain.txt

Detailed instructions are located in a readme.pdf file in the "Susliks DETUR Resources" folder located in the folder you chose to unpack this commo pack. (Probably "C:\Program Files\Army Operations\System\Susliks DETUR Resources")

That is it.




Suslik> ...Field
Suslik "West"
Suslik> I am green...


Suslik> ...Forrest
Suslik “South”
Suslik “Enemy Spotted”


Suslik> ...Forrest
Suslik “Enemy Down”


Suslik> ...Forrest
Suslik> ...moving to...

Essentially, you reuse the same keys to punch out very different messages.

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