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- Introduced trigering automatic "ReportIn" when pressing buttons: "Area Secure”, “Cover Me”, “Enemy Down”, “Enemy Spotted” and “Friendly, D...


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- Introduced trigering automatic "ReportIn" when pressing buttons: "Area Secure”, “Cover Me”, “Enemy Down”, “Enemy Spotted” and “Friendly, Do not shoot!”


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Suslik‘s D.E.T.U.R. Commo Pack 
“Diabolically Easy To Use and Remember”

Version 1.4.1 (20021202)




This commo pack contains settings files that will make it easier for you to communicate your status, position, actions and commands. The settings in this package bind most useful messages to the NumPad, Cursor and other keys in the right area of the keyboard ONLY. (This pack does NOT take over the layout of the main (left portion) keyboard.)

I RESPECT YOUR CHOICES. Everything you can assign yourself through “Settings” -> “Player Controls” in the game itself you will assign YOURSELF to YOUR liking on your own time. This pack does not mess with your favorite main keys like “Crouch,” “Shoot,” "walk," “Reload,” “Left”, “Right” etc. This pack only assigns complex or hard-to-get-to communications commands.

Ease of use is accomplished through combining of very few universal, reusable message fragments in one meaningful sentence applicable to a particular occasion.

This package does not have location mappings to every frick’n place on every map. This set limits number of locations to be reported to FOUR per map. Usually these locations include objectives (i.e. for Pipeline map - Main Console, Primary Valve, Sec. Valve, Ext. Valve) or significant terrain areas (i.e. for Mountain Pass map – Chasm, Center Hill, Mountain Ridge, Convoy).

This pack is designed rather for a casual, intermediate gamer, than for hard-core team gamers.



This release 1.4.1 contains the following changes:

- Introduced trigering automatic "ReportIn" when pressing buttons: "Area Secure”, “Cover Me”, “Enemy Down”, “Enemy Spotted” and “Friendly, Do not shoot!”

Release 1.4.0 contained the following changes:

- Finally added the locations/objectives buttons for Weapons Cache, Swamp Raid, HQ Raid, FLS.
- Disabled the key for selecting Tunnel key layout. (Dont have 4 good locations yet. Someone help!)
- Added “Quit” function to F12 button.
- Flipped the locations of “Enemy Down” and “Cover Me” buttons.
- Made changes to the readme.pdf to reflect the changes above.
- Added table of contents to the PDF file.
- Made sure it all works with 1.4 AAO



To Install:

a) Unrar (unzip) all of the files into your
C:\Program Files\Army Operations\System folder
(your default user.ini will NOT be overwritten)

b) Go to the folder you chose to unpack this commo pack into and enter "Susliks DETUR Resources" folder. (Probably "C:\Program Files\Army Operations\System\Susliks DETUR Resources") 

You will find DETAILED installation instructions located in a readme.pdf file in the "Susliks DETUR Resources" folder.
(You will add 7 entries to your user.ini file: 2 keys and 5 aliases)

Print pages 3,4 and 5 for quick reference key maps.



On Pipeline

Buttons you pressed:	Message you get
Left Arrow 		Suslik> …Primary Valve.
Insert			Suslik > I am green…

NumPad 0		Suslik> “Enemy Spotted"
			Suslik reported: Primary Valve

NumPad Del		Suslik> “Enemy Down"
			Suslik reported: Primary Valve

NumPad 1		Suslik > Report! Who is …
Up Arrow		Suslik> …Main Console.

Up Arrow		Suslik> …Main Console.
End			Suslik> …moving to…

Essentially, you reuse the same keys to punch out very different messages.

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