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This is another great program for binding sayings

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Enders Binds 2.1a (final)

First off, thanks for downloading this.I hope it helps you as much as it does me and my friends.

(it's located in your Army OperationsSystem folder)

The "Ecom user.ini" file in this folder is not a complete file. It doesn't have anything that is above [Engine.Input] and nothing below MouseWheelUp=. Only replace, in YOUR User.ini, the info between those lines.
The Ecom directory, which contains the text files nessesary for these binds, will go in your Army OperationsSystem folder.
The Layouts directory includes pictures of the keyboard and numberpad layouts.

There is alot of hard-coded teamsays in this this. There is also some fluid commands that can be accessed by using key combinations to activate them and all these reside on the Number Pad. For example: hitting 7 and the Left Arrow key (7 Left) will turn on the Radio commands (see Keypad_Radio_Whisper.jpg) whereas 8 Down will turn on the Whisper command, and 9 Right will turn on Squad Commands. Both Radio and Whisper use the same commosendmessage, just one is said through the radio and the other is whispered. (Remember: The enemy can hear your radio beep)
Radio      7 Left
Whisper  8 Down
Squad     9 Right
Hand       6 (but use the # keys as normal to make you hands move)
I think you get the picture.

icloc.txt was originaly created for Insurgent Camp (as that is the map I seem to play the most). It's primarily for Defense and is turned on by hitting the End key. It has some generic stuff you can use on many maps.
ma.txt is for Mountain Ambush.
pipeline.txt is for Pipeline.

Further Instalation Notes:
-Make a copy of your User.ini. 
-icloc, ma, radio, squad, whisper & pipeline.txt: 
These files go into C:Program FilesArmy OperationsSystemEcom (ecom may not exist, so you may have to create it). 
If you extracted this file to your desktop or other directory, just copy the Ecom folder you your Army OperationsSystem folder.
-ecom user.ini: 
Look at this file and see how it corresponds to your User.ini file. Copy everything from this file and paste it into your ini replacing only the information from [Engine.Input] to MouseWheelUp=. Save this User.ini and you are ready to go. 
If you download the EXE, it puts the files in the aforementioned directory structure with the ecomuser.ini in the System folder. 
-If you get the zip, extract it to the C:Program FilesArmy OperationsSystem directory and make sure Use Folder Names is checked (if using winzip).

See the EcomLayouts folder for printable copies of the Keyboard and Number Pad keys.

OK. I'm done. I've gone over this with a fine-tooth comb and have everything ironed out to the best I can.

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