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A handy little script for helping you with simple server funtions



First of all thank ¥ou for downloading this file from www.aafiles.com

now some details:

Created By: [101st]_FlashLight
Email     : [email protected]

A) How To Install The Damn File :
1)Open The Zip file, (by reading this i think you already did).
2)copy the file named "FS.u" and put it in the folder: "C:\programFiles\AA\System"
  *if you changed the default directory in the install just open the folder where u
   installed it, in there u will find a folder named "system" put it there.
3)now, after coping the file to the system folder, run the game Normaly.
4)after the game is up, get into a server, (any server u want).
5)As you respawn bring down the Console by pressing " ~ ".
6)after consol is down type there: "exec fs.u"          (without the "").
7)now if you did it correctly a line should be written "FlashScript Get It Free At www.aafiles.com"

B) right ! now here's what it do:
press the <PageUp> key to Reconnect to a server.
press the <HOME> key to Disconnect from a server.
press the <Insert> key to Quit America's Army Operations.

press the <PageDown> key to say to your team a special &quot;I Need Back Up&quot;
press the <End> key to say to your team a special &quot;Go Go Go !!&quot;
press the <Delete> key to say to your team a special &quot;Grenade! Take Cover&quot;

* You Only Need To do part A (installation) Once, no need to do that again.
* Have Fun !

By The Way, Our Clan's Site: WWW.BAN-THIS.NL/101st

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