Forceclass All



This "script" all the ability to give everyone in the server the same guna ll at once( if you are logged in as admin)



All regular gun forceclass have been written by: {TX}Ghost and all random gun 
forceclass have been written by }C{-Pyro=DOB={R}

To install this file please extract all files to your America's Army system folder.
To use this files you MUST be ad admin and type into your console. exec gun.txt (gun= the
gun class you want ie. m16=r and m249=ar)

Have fun with these forceclass text files as an admin!

List of random gun commands:

gpg= g + gp
arpk= ar + rpk (1rct)
ran= random (no grenade launcher) (1rct)
rrct= r + rct

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