Game Commander Commo Pack



This Commo pack is smaller then the other but gets all the needed commands and its all by your voice!!!



Americas Army, Game Commander Commo Pack
	version 1.0 Beta - (C) iceblack, 2002
	Created for AA:O version 1.2.0. and will NOT work on lower versions.


	Install is pretty straight forward. The package includes three files;

		AA_VOICE_COMMO.TXT	-	Overview of voicecommands plus key-config
		AA_VOICE_COMMO.GCC	-	Command file for Game Commander 2
		AA_VOICE_COMMO_INSTALL.TXT - 	The file you are reading now

	Step 1. Make sure that you have Game Commander 2 installed. If you don't have it,
		you can get it at http://www.gamecommander.com
	Step 2. Import the AA_VOICE_COMMO.GCC file as a new command file into Game Commander.

	Step 3.	Make a printout of the AA_VOICE_COMMO.TXT

	Step 4.	Go to AA:O and reconfigure the communication keys. 

			- Set radio key to ""
			- Set Squad Leader radio key to "G"

	Step 5.	Exit AA:O

	Step 6. Go to Game Commander and Voicetrain each command. I would recommend to
		use the full sentences as written in the AA_VOICE_COMMO.TXT file (expect
		for the numbers starting each command, they are there for your reference
		and correspond with the number in the commo cycles). Using full sentences
		has the benefit that Game Commander is less likely to make mistakes which 
		it does when you use multiple short vowel words.

	Step 7. Activate you new Game Commander profile and start AA:O
	Step 8. Eeerhm, I think you got it by now.


	There might be spelling errors in this document. At this stage,
	i don't care, it is a Beta release after all.

	Future release will include;

		Usefull TeamSay commands per level.
		General TeamSay commands that apply to all levels, for example;

			General command 	-> Attack the...
			Level specific command	-> Top of the Arch (bridge)

			General command 	-> Cover me while I...
			Level specific command	-> Make a run for the truck (bridge)				

			General command 	-> Don't frag the...
			Level specific command	-> Left side of the Arch (bridge)				
	It will all be setup in seperate config files that you can loaded from the console.

	And who knows, maybe much more ;-)


	Constructive feedback is highly appreciated. Please send it to: [email protected]

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