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HAOM (Hydra's Army Operations Manager) is a tool that runs on Windows that allows anyone with an internet connection to host thier own AA server, either Publicly or Privately. As long as your PC meets the specs to run an AA server, you can. HAOM removes the need for you to have to worry about manually editing INI files to configure your AA server. It also goes beyond just being an "INI editor" by adding many other features. Such as running more than one AA server at a time, being able to remotely control them, Global BAN lists, crash protection, auto-restarting periodicly to reclaim resources amongst others.

Version 1.0.72 Updated to work with AA 2.1. Added support for Tournament mode. Fixed the Check for Update feature located on the Help menu.



HAOM v1.0.72.

Easily start from 1 to 4 LAN or Public servers using any combination. 
Server crash protection - If your server should crash it will be restarted within 1 minute. 
Create, Save and Manage any number of config files. 
Config Maker has support for AA:O 2.1 
Minimizes to the system tray (The area next to the clock) 
Ability to schedule up to 4 servers. 
Rotating Server logs. 
Command Line Support
HAOM.exe /NameOfConfigAsListedInConfigMaker 
Add-on Log file reader with HTML and XML Export 
Ability to set the Min/Max Honor needed to play on server. 
Server side HUD enforcements. 
A basic remote control to star and stop servers and edit thier configs. 
Remote Control has the ability to shut the Remote HAOM down along with any running AA servers. 
Periodic server Restart feature. 
Graphical counters on when a Scheduled restart is going to take place or a Scheduled server Start/Stop (all times are in minutes). 
Global BAN list has the ability to associate a descriptive name with it, eg. their soldier name, instead of just an IP number. 
Added TWL match Presets. (Select your map before selecting a preset) 
PunkBuster support for Public and LAN games. 
Tournament Mode support. 

I have not checked every single HAOM option with AA 2.1, so if I missed something just let me know.

Uninstall any previous versions of HAOM, deleting it's installation folder if necassary.

Any previous HAOM configs will not work with this version correctly, so delete and recreate them with the new version.

PB support is currently only for single servers. You can run more than 1 server, but only one can be PB enabled.

The Config Maker interface is in the middle of being rearranged so not everything is where it belongs. But it's all there.

Map Cycling feature may not work on Win98.

The Weekly scheduling of the Scheduler is temporarily disabled.

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