A voice command/recognition configuration for Americas Army's not so quickly to use Commo System. No offense to the DEV team ment here, butsomething just need a little tweaking which im sure will happen in the near future. In short, this pack is your ultimate communication pack and it is all controlled by using your voice !


version 1.0 Alpha - (C) iceblack, 2002


A voice command/recognition configuration for Americas Army's not so 
quickly to use Commo System. No offense to the DEV team ment here, but
something just need a little tweaking which im sure will happen in 
the near future. In short, this pack is your ultimate communication pack
and it is all controlled by using your voice !

- Created for AA:O version 1.2.1. and will NOT work optimal on lower versions.
- You need Game Commander 2 in order to use this pack


Almost all keybinding and configuration in AA:O is taken out. Other commo packs
are primarly using key binding. This, in my opinion, has a few downsides. First
off all, you have to memorise all the key and their related messages. Second, 
it slows you down. When you are under heavy fire and want to request backup,
chances are that by the time you pushed the right key, you already find your 
self having a bullet or two between your very eyes. And last but not least, i
saw a handfull of complains that these commopack, in search for the last unbound
key, tend to reconfigure what ever kind of config you already have made. My solution
to this lay in the advantage of using Game Commander in combination with 
the console commands. Everything you do in AA:O, can also be done through the console.
You can try this by open the console during play and type: teamsay "hello" <enter>.
This is exactly what the Game Commander setup is doing, it sends all needed
commands straight over the console so quickly, you won't notice it. The last improvement
is the linkup of radio messages and hand signals. If you executer the "move out" radio
command, automaticaly the hand signal "move out" is execute too. 

The followinf files are included;

ICE_VCP_1.0_Alpha_GGCONFIG.GCC	-	The Game Commander command set
ICE_VCP_1.0_Alpha_CMDLIST.DOC	-	Overview of all commands used
ICE_VCP_1.0_Alpha_CMDLIST.TXT	-	Overview of all commands used
ICE_VCP_1.0_Alpha_BINDFILE.TXT	-	Executed from console, it configures the key binding
ICE_VCP_1.0_Alpha_README.TXT	-	The very file you are reading now

Step 1. Make sure that you have Game Commander 2 installed. If you don't have it,
	you can get it at http://www.gamecommander.com

Step 2. Import the ICE_VCP_1.0_Alpha_GGCONFIG.GCC file as a new command file 
	into Game Commander.

Step 3.	Make a printout of the ICE_VCP_1.0_Alpha_CMDLIST.DOC/.TXT file. If you
	don't have a printer, i hope you have one of those photographic memories.

Step 4. Go to Game Commander and Voicetrain each command. I would recommend to
	use the full sentences as written in the ICE_VCP_1.0_Alpha_CMDLIST.DOC/.TXT
	file. Using full sentences has the benefit that Game Commander is less 
	likely to make mistakes which it does when you use multiple short voweled words.

Step 5.	Copy the ICE_VCP_1.0_Alpha_BINDFILE.TXT in your AA:O/systems directory. 
	I suggest you change the name of this file to a more short one. This 
	file will be used to execute from the console. It reconfigures some of
 	your keys. 

	Currently, only four keys are reconfigured. This will be taken out 
	in the next version which will be config free on behalf of AA:O.

	Keys that are reconfigured;
		[Backslash] CommoRadio
		[T	  ] TeamTalk
		[G 	  ] CommoSquad
		[=	  ] CommoHand

	Before you load the bind file, make sure you make a backup of
	your user.ini file.

Step 6. Activate you new Game Commander profile and start AA:O

Step 7.	Hit "~" to enter console mode and type:  exec <bind_file_name.txt> and hit enter.
	Whereby bind_file_name.txt is the name of choise of step 5
Step 8. Eeerhm, I think you got it by now. MOVE OUT!

This alpha version currently uses 6 types of commands;
1. Squad Radio Commands
The common radio messages like "move out, ready, etc). Those commands are in 
essense comming from the commo cycle system within the game. So Game Commands
get the voice messages and actually 'presses' the commo cycle key and then the
corresponding number. 

2. Squad Leader Radio Commands

Those are the commands that are only available to you when you are the squad leader. This
contains commands like "fall back, operate as a unit, spread out, ect." Since version 1.2.1
of the game, everyone can now use these commands but only when the squad leader uses them, it
being broadcasted over the radio. For everyone else, it silently apears on the chatlines at
the top of the screen. The commo mechanism is exactly the same as the squad radio commands.

3. Hand Signals

For obvious reason, hand signals are silent. Also, the game contains just 8 hand
signals at the moment and they seem somewhat experimental. Since they are silent, 
nobody in the game seems to pay attention to them. My solution to that was weaving
them together with the radio commands. For example, if u use the squad radio command
"stop", you first hear the radio broadcasted message and then your character raises
it's fist in the air, utilising the official "hold" hand signal for better recognition.
Keep in mind that you yourself cannot see the hand signals you are making only player
around you can.

4. TeamSay Action Commands

Those are the commands that appear at the chatlines, at the top of the screen. It's also
announces by a little radio 'blip' so that you know when to look at the chat lines. 
Just to be very clear, teamsay commands are alway in written form. The teamsay action
commands are normally followed by a teamsay location command. Action commands are commands
like "attack.., defend.., regroup at.., setup ambush at...". As you can see, these
commands mean nothing when not followed by a location. Execeptions are the commands
"secure objective alpha, secure objective bravo, secure objective charlie". Those are 
stand alone. All teamsay commands can either be signaled in lowercase as well as in
upper case. All you have to do us push the capslock key to change case.

5. TeamSay Location Commands

These normally follow after a teamsay action message is broadcasted an contains commands
like "objective alpha!, the north bridge, top of the arch, etc". So in conjunction with
the teamsay action commands, things would like something like;

(action)	->  ATTACK...
(location)	->  OBJECTIVE ALPHA !!!

(action)	->  REGROUP AT..
(location)	->  THE NORTH BRIDGE !!!

For obvious reasons, the teamsay location commands are level specific. At
the moment, only the Level mountain Ambush is covered. At this point, I need 
help on creating a decent set of commands action/location per level. I do 
have a complete set but it seems that this kind of commands are somewhat 
personal and i need something more generic that everyone will understand 
when it's flying over the commo system.

6. Experimental Teamsay Commands

As you may have noticed, there is few commands that are of a slightly diffent
nature than the other commands. Those are "Form Alpa and Bravo Unit", "Alpha Team.." and
"Bravo Team...". The idea about these commands is that you can now seperate your own
team in two units; alpha and bravo. In my vision this should be done when there are
two Fire Squad Leaders. Both should take control over either the alpha or bravo unit. When
done, the Squad leader can now command both units. For example;




Feedback in this area is highly appreciated !

1.	A big thank you goes out to all those of you sending me feedback on version 1.0 Beta
2.	Another big thank you goes out to all the creative people out there that took the 
	effort of creating a commo pack since it was a huge inspiration for me. If anyone 
	out there creating those packs wants to join forces, i would be honoured.
3.	I hate to say it but i cannot be held responsible for stuff that screws up by 
	using this command pack in any way. Hey, that where disclaimers are for, to 
	state that your hands are clean at all times ;-)
4.	This commo pack is intented to be public domain at all times. So use it, abuse it
	tweak it or launch your homemade nuclear missle with it, but just don't put my
	name on it when you do ;-)

5.	The next update of this pack will be out short after the next release of AA:O. This
	pack was build on 1.2.1 but i expect the commo system to change in the next version
	of AA:O. 

6.	Remember this is still an Alpha version and far from complete

Constructive feedback is highly appreciated. Please send it to: [email protected]

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