Insurgent Camp Guide




The Foxhole has done it again! Here is yet another impressive "Tactical Resource Guide." This one is crammed with information and is definitely worth the read! Sniper Locations, Routes, Danger Areas, and more--This guide has it all.

Insurgent Camp Tactical Resource Guide™

Table Of Contents 1.0 ~ Introduction – Information from the writer 2.0 ~ Map Essentials 2.1 ~ Map Overview 2.2 ~ Map Weapon Systems 2.3 ~ Assault & Defense Objective 3.0 ~ Assault Tactics 3.1 ~ Assault Routes 3.2 ~ Assault Advantages 3.3 ~ Assault Sniper 4.0 ~ Defense Tactics 4.1 ~ Defense Points 4.2 ~ Defense Sniper 5.0 ~ Credits 6.0 ~ Closing



The following guide is designed around the popular America's Army map:  Insurgent Camp.

Please read carefully, we have packed quite a bit of information into this guide.
So Read on Soldier! There is so much to read and so little time!

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