JRTC Farm Guide



We would like to welcome the latest Tactical Resource Guide produced by The Foxhole. This guide is about 18 pages and is loaded with information about JRTC Farm Raid!


JRTC Farm Raid Tactical Resource Guide v1.0 Americas Army Forum Edition 1.0 Provided by The Foxhole

Table of Contents 1.0 ~ Introduction 2.0 ~ Map Overview 3.0 ~ Assault 3.1 ~ Assault Objective 3.2 ~ Assault Routes 3.3 ~ Assault tips & tricks 4.0 ~ Defense 4.1 ~ Defense Objective 4.2 ~ Defense Points 4.3 ~ Defense tips & tricks 5.0 ~ JRTC Farm Secrets 6.0 ~ Closing 7.0 ~ Legal



Alright, so I spent a few weeks off, and touching up the site. Over the course of
this, I started to understand that a lot of players, although they don’t play JRTC
often, really enjoy the map, and frankly believe its one of the best ever created.
I in fact believe the same thing. I haven’t really played this map, here and there,
and probably have about 20 hours on it. So this guide does contain some nonfoxhole
generated tactics, and credits will be given to whom they deserve to go

It didn’t surprise me that a lot of people liked this map, for one it’s a straight
forward assault and defend situation. The map layout and design allows for
some pretty innovative on-the-field tactic development. I had the map figured
out within 3 minutes of playing it and was already testing tactics. I found
amazing tactics that kept me alive the whole round.

It’s the foxhole’s belief that utilizing the low-flying tactics are the best way to go.
The obvious stake out points, barrels etc, are good ways, but don’t insure you
survive. Sure you will get kills, etc, but what about staying alive? I learned its
about speed and immediately stopping. Especially if your on defense. However it
can also be patience.

We explore many different approaches to this map, and how to take it on from
either side. So without further adieu, here is your JRTC Farm Raid Tactical
Resource Guide directly from the foxhole.

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