KeyOps Key Bind Utility



KeyOps was developed by a clan in the America's Army community, the Surgical Strike Team. (SST) created KeyOps to aid players in successful communication amongst team mates. It has a few functions that will help players to easily configure their controls and take advantage of all the communication commands available in the America's Army game. It displays all the keys that already have an action in a certain colour and those keys without an action are a different colour. This will benefit those users that are looking for a spare key to add a new bind. KeyOps has a very big future, at the moment, it is very small and simple. (SST) is looking to expand its functionality in the future and hopefully all will enjoy it. Happy Bindings!



    KeyOps Key Bind utility READ ME
Installation- Simply extract KeyOps.exe
to anywhere on your system and run. If 
you experience any problems, visit the 
KeyOps site at 



File info- This program is designed to
help AA players bind actions to the keys 
they want to designate them to. It is a
very simple program but more features 
are being developed.


Created by the Surgical Strike Team


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