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This is a great server utility that looks exacly like the AA:O interface and puts you right at home. **NOTICE** it is not completed, and mor...


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This is a great server utility that looks exacly like the AA:O interface and puts you right at home. **NOTICE** it is not completed, and more features are coming all the time, so look forward for more. Please free to give the creator and tips or suggestions in his work. He has incorporated some new features/fixes in this versiont too. =)

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America's Army - Server Utility Version 1.4.0
Build 063 - 25/11/2002

This readme outlines the functions in the America's Army - Server Utility

0. Installation

0.1. Installing the Utility
To install the utility, copy AAServUtil.exe and Readme.doc into the C:\Program Files\Army Operations\System folder.  Create a shortcut to AAServUtil.exe on the desktop by Right-Clicking AAServUtil.exe, move over Send To, and click Desktop (Create Shortcut).

1. Using the Utility

1.1. Starting a Server
To start an America's Army server, first select a map to use.  Once this is done, you can select all the options you want at the bottom.  These are detailed below.  Once you have selected all your options, click the Start Server button at the top.

1.2. Joining a Game
To join a game from the same computer, click the Play "Operations" button at the top.  This will connect the host to the game, and allow him to play.  (Please Note: If the host is in the game, he will experience no lag, compared to the other players.  In the interest of fairness, it is recommended you join the game from another computer).

1.3. America's Army Website
To view the America's Army website, click the logo at the bottom.

2. Server Options

2.1. Maps
Before you can start a server, you must select the map you want to play.  This utility contains support for all current multiplayer maps, and known future ones (Radio Tower and Hillside Bunker).  There is no current support for Map Rotation, however this is planned for a future release.

2.2. MILES Server
Checking this option turns the server into a MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) server.  Using this, it does not matter if the map itself is designed to be MILES.  The program will automatically configure the server so that it uses what you choose.

2.3. Enable Cheats
Checking this option will tell the server whether to allow the use of cheats, or not.  Note that at the moment, the only way to allow the player to choose any weapon they want is to enable this.

2.4. LAN Server
Checking this option will turn your server into LAN only.  If it is not checked, all details are uploaded to the Gamespy master server, so all internet users can join.

2.5. Max Players
This will set the server to the maximum amount of players you specify.  It is recommended that unless you are on a cable connection or higher, you do not start an internet server of more than 8 players.

2.6.  Server Name
Enter what you would like your server to be called here.  This will be shown ingame when you press F1, and also on the server listings.

3. Miscellaneous

3.1. Credits
Thanks goes out to the following people who helped in the making of this utility:

-HA|CommTHOR (Beta Tester)
-JinxVanAshke (Beta Tester)
-AAF|Delta (File Host)

3.2. Contact Details
If you have a bug report, please email it to [email protected] with the subject line "Server Utility Bug Report".  If you want to talk to me personally, you can usually find me on under the name HA|AAIR|75th|Icecoolwarrior.

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