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Laom features General Laom Features

- Client Server architecture administration of AA:O servers is done remotly via network connection

- Multiplatform independance works on FreeBSD, Linux, Windows (possibly MacOSX)

- Unlimited number of AA:O servers runing togheter on different ports Limited only to hardware resources

- Fast Code written in C++ and QT API (www.trolltech.com) Laom server consumes about 2-8MB of RAM

- Comfortable Gui Server for windows & macintosh servers

- Uncomfortable but relaible console version of LAOM Server for BSD & Linux Servers

- Features Set & Forget functioning You have to preprare config set start and end date & time and send it to server rest laom do by itself (will start and stop them at specified times)

You can set configurations for next month or next Year

- Features Power safe funtcioning if even at server there will be power off after restarting laom server everything will function as before nothing will be lost, everythng is hold on HradDrive

- Permits multiple administrators and limited users logins at a time

- Second type of accounts - Limited users which can send configurations that need to be confirmed by administrators



Laom is an application for managing AA:O Server Two the most important features are

1. Multiplatform build, LAOM works on all OS that AA:O support
With Windows Server on Windows
With Linux Server on Linux and FreeBSD
With Macintosh server on Macintosh

2. Splited into Client and Serevr
You adminstrate Your server at Home via network connection

Conclusion If You have at Home for example Macinstosh and serevr works on Linux BBSD MAc or windows it doeasnt matter
You always are able to run Laom Client or Laom Server
and maintain AA:O Servers remotly

There are 2 versions of Laom Server
GUI with windows good for Windows and MacOSX
Shell based for Linuxes and FreeBSD linked staticaly

Aditional strong feature is
Laom is written & released by me under BSD Licence with full source code

There are binary releases for
Windows Linux and FreeBSD (MacOSX is under building will be available next days)

And also source releases with autoated build script for easier building

I also respond realy fast to found bugs or changes in AA:O so
Laom sometimes is released afyter few days from eralier release

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