Mattman's America's Army Script Generator



This is a Admin Forceclass script generator for America's Army. It will generate scripts of 2000 of any weapon, or combo of weapons. Once the script it generated, you can run it ingame by typing exec *scriptname*.txt in your console, where *scriptname* is the generated script (with out **)




Version Instructions:

1) Select guns you wish to generate in script

2) Type in admin message that will be displayed at time of forceclass

3) **OPTIONAL** insert up to 3 Admin say messages (these will apear red in the console) These are usefull for saying things like "No reloads", "Grenades only", etc

4) Select where you want to generate your script.
Either Select an option from the list, OR type in the location of your Desktop.
you can type in any other location, just make sure if you use a custom location it ends with a "" (next to the Backspace key). If it dosn't hve that, it will not generate the file. this method is not recommended

5) it takes a few seconds to Generate, Wait atleast 5 to 10 seconds before you decide its broke...You will recive a Prompt when its done generating

Visit http://www.eds.sojhosting.com for updates and news, along with bug or error submition.

**Please do no contact me directly by email for program support. Use forums located at:

Updates my happen in future

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